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Metaverse Coins For Staking: Is It Worth to Put the Money Into?

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The crypto market is taking charge of plenty of progress and refinement by degrees through the years and brought into being Metaverse. These coins are persistently influencing the cryptocurrency since multiple projects are encountering growth in the price successively.

In the coming section, we will see the top five Metaverse coins worth investing the money into.

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players may buy, build and legitimize games. Also, they may develop and trade digital assets as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFTs are significant for a lot of gaming blockchain and Metaverse. Players develop NFTs- digital assets and combine them with games by uploading them in the marketplace. Though the Sandbox had no such value in the past still, in 2021, it has given a top-notch performance. 

SAND price history

SAND/USDT daily chart
SAND/USDT daily chart

SAND has coin supply limits to three billion tokens, and more than 680 million are in use now. The market capital of it comes at USD 3.690 billion. Also, the YTD result indicates the SAND is performing very well, which is at 462.5%.

Where to buy SAND?

The SAND coin has shown outstanding performance since its launch in August 2020. The price has touched the $8.50 mark on November 2021 and pushed lower quite impulsively to the $2.60 price level. However, the price is currently showing bullish pressure as it failed to break below the $2.60 price level. So, if the price surge over the $3.00 price level, we can expect further bullish pressure on SAND. 

What are the perspectives of the Sandbox?

Despite the Metaverse eventually being greatly popular, Sandbox still demands people to support and play games in actuality. Most crypto traders are bullish for the short term, yet forever the bull run will not go. The success, in all probability, relies hugely upon the future adoption of games.

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

It is a very popular Metaverse, and often the project has been in the news due to the NFT trend. Being in the news has often advantaged Decentraland and showed significant gains for its domestic token MANA.

MANA price history

MANA/USDT daily chart
MANA/USDT daily chart 

MANA got the acceptance very late though it is an older project. In the past, MANA hadn’t performed well and couldn’t get attention. But as of now, the market capitalization of MANA stands at $6 billion, which is very admirable. Besides, the YTD performance of MANA has been 247.45%.

Where to buy MANA?

MANA coin is showing bullish pressure after bouncing from the $1.85 price area and currently trading on a $2.24 price level. So, if the price continues its rally further, it is better to buy MANA coins when the price breaks above the $2.50 price area.  

What are the perspectives of the MANA?

Mana has a lot of potential in 2022 due to its outstanding price gains throughout the last couple of months. Presently, it is the most extended Metaverse project running in cryptocurrency. MANA is a significant Metaverse project that is pretty propitious, as per numerous analysts. It approached virtual reality, which grabbed the interest of plenty of users. 

Also, it is quite potent in developing a unique and profit-making project. With the skilled approach, the project has made its way out of many other virtual coins and will be popular quickly. Millennials will be the major occupant as they spend plenty of time in virtual space.

What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is in watch of the traders while many market participants appraise it as only investing in the video game. But AXS stood out when the Metaverse concept obtained steam and became famous for the first time. Axie Infinity has gained massive profit and has become the top-performing coin. 

AXS price history

AXS/USDT daily chart
AXS/USDT daily chart

Among all Metaverse cryptocurrencies, AXS has one of the largest market capitalization standing at more than $5 billion. However, the rate on the YTD performance is only 20.91%, which many traders may not consider as propitious. Yet the coin has started to increase its value again.

Where to buy AXS?

AXS has reached the $50.00 price area after an impulsive bearish momentum. However, the price tried several times to break below the $50.00 price level, but it failed to continue lower. So, if the price can have an impulsive daily bullish close above the $50.00 price area, you can buy AXS.   

What are the perspectives of the Axie infinity project?

Axie Infinity is based on the Metaverse, but still, it has no involvement in VR; instead, it is crypto and blockchain-ideal-based. The ideals of blockchain and crypto allow the public to have control. Gamers may buy and trade the Axis- the non-fungible tokens.

What is Enjin (ENJ)?

It is a blockchain platform, and Enjin has strengthened all games. Gamers may gain or buy the non-fungible tokens. The NFTs can be stored in the Enjin’s secure wallets on their exclusive domain. On the other hand, if the game developers consider it rational, players may take the NFTs to other platforms.

ENJ price history

ENJ/USDT daily chart
ENJ/USDT daily chart 

ENJ is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, it has obtained a market capital value of around $2 billion. The performance rate at YTD of ENJ is 524.054% indicating the further sign of increase.

Where to buy ENJ?

ENJ’s bears have regained momentum after reaching an all-time high of $4.82 price area. The bears pushed the price down towards the $1.35 price area quite impulsively in the last three months. However, the price failed to break below the $1.35 price level and had a daily bullish close above it. So, it’s the right time to buy an ENJ coin as the price shows a bullish indication to move higher.   

What are the perspectives of the Enjin project?

Plenty of NFTs utilizes the ETH blockchain. Many of those NFTs develop smart contract crypto while swagging with high gas fees. Making a transaction on ETH may cost approximately a $100 fee. The fee is pretty expensive and may be unaffordable for some resulting in them moving to other low-cost networks. However, Enjin is creating its own NFT focusing on the Efinity (EFI) blockchain, which may be a refinement for Enjin.

What is HighStreet (HIGH)?

It is a captivating and potential Metaverse project. It allows everybody to play along with earning rewards via the open-world Metaverse environment. Players may participate in the in-game tasks events to earn tokens, raise their ranks, and obtain NFTs. For making progress in the game, HIGH tokens are essential. 

HIGH price history

IGH/USDT daily chart 
IGH/USDT daily chart 

HTC is a tech company that has backed up the High Street project and increased $5 million. In January 2022, the market capitalization of HIGH valued more than $85 million. The value of the ENJ has risen by almost 90% since its inauguration.

Where to buy HIGH?

HIGH has pushed lower after hitting an all-time high of $16 price area. The price pushed lower to $4.5715 price area on Jan 24. However, the price is currently showing some bullish momentum as it had a daily bullish close above the $4.5715 price area on Jan 25. So, it’s better to buy HIGH when the price moves over the $6.00 price area with a daily bullish close. 

What are the perspectives of the HighStreet project?

In the view of the Meta world, the HighStreet project has achieved the promises of Metaverse technology. If you see it in a practical measure, this project is an excellent option to go with.

Pros and cons

Worth to buyWorth to getaway
Big tech companies are developing and deploying their version of the Metaverse coins. Execution of Metaverse demands cutting-edge technology.
Many believe that Metaverse will break the boundaries between the virtual and physical world. Despite enhancing the virtual activities, Metaverse may potentially destroy human relationships.
It may change the use of the internet and other digital communication technologies in the coming days.  It may violate privacy and users may encounter security issues. 

Final thoughts

To wrap up, the mentioned above coins have the best statistics though the market cap may change. Keep in mind that the price may increase or decrease as well. Investing in Metaverse coins involves risk; hence, do your research and try not to invest more than you can handle to lose.

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