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Top 5 Crypto Trends to Watch in 2022

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Last was spellbinding for the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin won a robust race and, the price has risen by around 70% and encountered a market capitalization of the crypto market to more than $3 trillion. On the other hand, Ethereum and several other freshly introduced coins also performed well, along with solid profit gains. 

However, 2022 has come precedently, but the cryptocurrency market skidding has subsided until now. Hence, it is credibly an outstanding timing to contemplate anticipations. Also, 2022 may work as a remarkable year of the cryptocurrency market, as reported by several crypto enthusiasts. The robust market trends started the year before are on the cards to recommence in 2022. The crypto market is also looking forward to seeing a rise in the number of market players.  

In the coming section, we will explore the best five crypto trends to spend money wisely in 2022. 

Metaverse coin: Sandbox (SAND)

SAND/USDT daily chart
SAND/USDT daily chart 

Sandbox is a crypto Metaverse coin, and its inherent token is SAND. It demonstrated a splendid performance while the SAND token encountered a continuous upsurge surpassing the $3 mark, and kept going upward. 

The market capitalization of SAND stands at over $3.690 billion as of now, along with a YTD performance rate of 462.52%. Moreover, SAND has a finite coin supply of three billion tokens, another favorable feature. Among those three billion tokens, more than 680 million are in circulation. 

When to buy SAND?

SAND is currently trading around $3.6266 price area and trying to continue further downside. As per the current price action context, it is wise to buy when the price reaches the $3.00 price level in the days ahead. 

What are the perspectives of the SAND?

Traders of crypto are predominantly bullish on the short-term. But the bull run won’t always be consistent. Every potential of success is massively based on the acceptance of games in the future. Despite the immense popularity of the Metaverse coin, SAND still needs public support by playing games in real.  

Gaming coin: Enjin (ENJ)

SAND/USDT daily chart
SAND/USDT daily chart 

Enjin is a gaming coin that reinforces all sorts of games. It is also a blockchain platform. Enjin allows gamers to obtain or buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The non-fungible tokens are possible to stockpiled in the secured wallets on Enjin’s private domain. Besides, players may transfer their NFTs to different platforms along with the game developer’s consideration.

When to buy ENJ?

ENJ is currently trading around $1.6792 price area and trying to push further lower. As per the current price action, the price may further decline towards the $1.50 price level. So, if the price reaches the $1.50 price level, you can buy ENJ with a high probability.  

What are the perspectives of the Enjin?

Many NFTs utilize the Ethereum blockchain; many among those NFTs create smart contract crypto. These smart contracts face inconvenience for the higher gas fees. Each transaction made on Ethereum may cost up to a $100 fee. The transaction fee is pretty high also, which may deem as unreasonable to some users. As a result, users may migrate to other low-cost network providers. Anyway, Enjin is developing its native NFT concentrating on Efinity (EFI) blockchain, which may appear as an improved refurbishment of Enjin. 

NFT coin: Decentraland (MANA) 

Decentraland/USDT daily chart
Decentraland/USDT daily chart 

Decentraland is a very admired and in-demand NFT coin. It remained in the news repeatedly because of the NFT trend, which appeared to provide privilege to Decentraland. As a result, the native token of Decentraland named MANA significantly gained profit.

When to buy Decentraland?

Decentraland is currently trading around $2.5174 price area and trying to continue downside. So, if the price reached the $2.00 price level and had a daily bullish candle close, you can buy Decentraland with a high probability.  

What are the perspectives of the Decentraland (MANA)? 

Decentraland NFT coin encountered excellent price amplification across a previous couple of months, giving evidence of potential in 2022. It is a remarkable and promising NFT coin. It catches up on virtual reality and seizes players’ attention in great numbers. Also, it is quite effective in introducing a unique and profit-making source. 

ETH Killers coin: Solana

SOLANA/USDT daily chart 
SOLANA/USDT daily chart 

Solana is a blockchain of fourth-generation. It holds up proof-of-history as same as proof-of-stake to boost up the operation further. It provides a higher speed for transactions but at a lower cost. The mainnet component of Solana is still in the field test stage and, it is the only issue that is pulling SOL back from rising higher.

When to buy Solana?

Solana is currently trading around the $98.016 price area and continuing further lower. So, if the price declined towards the $80 price level again and had an impulsive daily bullish candle close, you can buy Solana with a long-term perspective.   

What are the perspectives of the Solana project?

The ultimate goal of Solana is to figure out the solution for the blockchain issues such as scalability decentralization and security. Solana is objected to resolving the scalability problem with its high-geared procedures. Compared to different blockchains, the procedure executes a comprehensive time structure, transaction processing system, and more coherent consensus model that makes it the fastest layer-1 global network.

LP token: Axie Infinity (AXS)

AXS/USDT daily chart
AXS/USDT daily chart 

AXS is the domestic LP token for the play-to-earn NFT game named ”Axie Infinity.” It is a most captivating cryptocurrency development due to its play-to-earn ecosystem. Axie Infinity gained benefits that escalated the public interest and approached over three million community members. 

When to buy AXS?

AXS broke below the $50 price level and currently trading around the $48.25 price area. So, it is wise to buy AXS coin if the price surge over the $60 price area again in the coming days. 

What are the perspectives of the Axie Infinity project?

Axie Infinity has not been involved in VR. It is based on the crypto and blockchain model. The model of blockchain and crypto grants control to the public. Players or users can buy and trade the Axis NFTs. 

Pros and cons

Worth to buyWorth to getaway
Crypto trading may potentially generate high income.It is an extremely volatile investment.
The crypto foundation is supported by the blockchain, and it is innately protected.Understanding crypto trading is very effortful and time-consuming.
Trades can be executed around-the-clock means traders may trade at a nonstop pace.Not convenient as a long-term investment. 

Final thoughts

Finally, you may still have some lack of conviction regarding crypto trading. Typically, it is believed that the advantages overshadow the risks; however, it still relies upon your goal trying to achieve. Cryptocurrencies’ worth has shot up throughout the past few years, which is anticipated to continue. Investing in crypto at present may generate outstanding income that you’ll be able to yield in the future.

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