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Polygon Metaverse: Is It Worth Investing In MATIC Crypto?

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Metaverse coins have become a reliable investment opportunity due to their future potentiality and core functionality. Every project has its strength in some sectors where investors have to find the most suitable one.

The following section will see the top five Polygon Metaverse worth investing in 2022.

What isTerra Virtua Kolect (TVK)?

Terra Virtua is a collectibles platform available on PC and mobile. At first, it was built in the Ethereum blockchain but later moved to Polygon in August 2021. The blockchain transfer came due to the improved functionality of the Polygon network with no unnecessary gas fees.

TVK price history

TVK/USDT daily chart
TVK/USDT daily chart

TVK showed a corrective momentum after the launch but reached near 0.5477 level as a peak in November 2021. However, at the beginning of 2022, this instrument failed to impress investors by moving to the lowest level at 0.1105 level. The future potentiality with a discounted price might make this Polygon Metaverse a potential investment opportunity.

Where to buy TVK?

TVK’s bearish momentum stabilized after breaking below the 0.1600 key support level. Therefore, the conservative approach is to wait for a breakout above it. On the other hand, the HOLDing approach from the lowest 0.11 level would be the best option where patience is applicable.

What are the perspectives of the Virtua Kolect project?

The core function of this platform is unique VR with blockchain technology. The availability of several NFTs collections allows investors to engage people in this platform using their collectibles.

What is Aavegotchi (GHST)?

Avegotchi is a playable NFT game that was launched in the Ethereum blockchain. Later on, it changed its network to Polygon due to its better security and cost-efficiency. The transition to the Polygon network came with a 76% voting approval where developers said that the Ethereum network is not productive anymore.

GHST price history

GHST/USDT weekly chart
GHST/USDT weekly chart

GHST price rebounded lower and showed massive bullish pressure since its launch, where a 125% profit was seen from the all-time low to the all-time high level. However, the price became volatile later on and corrected lower. As the recent price made a swing low below the 2.50 level, further discount is pending.

Where to buy GHST?

GHST started 2022 with a new low price. On the other hand, its potential in the Metaverse sector is high, influencing investors to join the bullish rally from the discounted price. However, Any bullish rejection and a daily price above the $2.50 level would be a reliable buying opportunity for this instrument.

What are the perspectives of the Aavegotchi project?

Aavegotchi provides a gaming platform with pixelated ghosts backed by the ERC721 standard, used in popular games like Axie Infinity. Since its shift to the Polygon network, it has become potent where more stability and safety will be available.

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentralland has a partnership with Polygon that provides its sidechain on Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, investors can use the Polygons side chain to provide a fast and cheap transaction.

With the addition of the Polygon side chain, the Decentraland scene can perform with the 12-utils library, where some functions in the scene can allow making transactions through the MANA network. It does not require changing the network to make transactions through the Polygon platform.

MANA price history

MANA/USDT weekly chart
MANA/USDT weekly chart

In the MANA/USDT price chart, there is a big surge in 2021 where the price provided a 672% gain to the all-time high level at 5.90. However, the start of 2022 came with a bearish pressure where the price is still above the bullish order block that initiated the big price appreciation in 2021. 

Where to buy MANA?

The buying possibility in MANA is valid as long as the price trades above the 0.7500 swing low. However, investors should wait for lower time frame swing levels and break of structure to find the buying opportunity.

What are the perspectives of the Decentraland project?

Decentraland is one of the major Metaverse projects where the Polygon sidechain is an addition to the system that offers low-cost transactions. However, like other Ethereum-based apps, Decentraland utilizes the effective Polygon chain, which is a clear sign about Ethereum’s drawback.

What is Vulcan Forged (PYR)?

Vulcan Forged is a blockchain platform that offers game studios and NFTs through the Polygon network. This platform launched in March 2021 and built a potential position where users can collaborate, build and earn from their ideas.

PYR price history

PYR/USDT daily chart
PYR/USDT daily chart

PYR showed a corrective momentum after the launch but aimed higher in the mid of November with a 425% gain. Later on, the price eliminated all losses but still traded above the buying point.

Where to buy PYR?

As per the PYR/USDT daily chart, the price is still discounted, whereas investors should wait for lower timeframe confirmations before opening a buy trade. Overall, the $10.65 level is the key trend breaker, so a daily candle above this level would initiate a sharp bullish pressure.

What are the perspectives of the Vulcan Forged project?

There are several browser-based games in the Vulcan Forged platform that users can play after opening a Vulcan Forged account. Moreover, this network has a strong position in the NTF marketplace besides many collectibles.

What is Pegaxy (PGX)?

Pegaxy was launched in November 2021 as a racing game in mythological style. Almost 34K monthly users might influence investors to keep an eye on this project. Moreover, the underestimated price of its native token PGX could provide a significant price surge in 2022.

PGX price history

PGX price chart
PGX price chart

PGX price remained within a corrective momentum since the launch, and no significant events provided a massive price surge.

Where to buy PGX?

The future potentiality of PGX is high where investors can consider it as a strong profit-making instrument. Any buying order from 0.50 to 1.00 area would provide a great return at the end of 2022.

What are the perspectives of the Pegaxy project?

Since the launch, Pegaxy or Pegasus Galaxy has put a strong position in the racing game industry. Its bionic horses would allow gamers to participate in the PvP racing and earn rewards as a VIS token.

Pros and cons

Worth to buyWorth to getaway
Polygon is a strong opponent to the Ethereum network, where the security and cost are low.The ETH 2.0 proof of stake would eliminate the requirement of Polygon.
The validation system in the Polygon network is stronger.There are other alternatives to Polygon.
There are more than 100 partnership programs to support Polygon.Competition from other scaling solutions will arise.

Final thoughts

Polygon network is a solid investment opportunity where the recent adoption of Metaverse and NFTs has a clear connection with it. Any surge in the NFT and Metaverse would increase the price of Polygon Metaverses, where investors might gain from the instruments mentioned above.

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