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Night Hawk Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing

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Night Hawk is a trading system that is a part of the DaVinci FX Group portfolio. We have a weird presentation because there are many ads attached. Usually, that type of site doesn’t have commercials from other companies. 

Night Hawk trading strategy

Night Hawk features
Night Hawk features

We have various details provided about the system and what we have to expect from its trading if we decide to buy it. 

  • The robot can help us with automatic execution of our orders on a terminal. 
  • So, we are free to do whatever we want. 
  • The core platform to trade is MT4. 
  • It was tested on the real tick data with real spreads. 
  • Trading is possible on any broker house. 
  • The only time frame is M15. 
  • It has to work with a Grid and Martingale. 
  • It gets data from various indicators like: Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index. 
  • Also, the system can use the Average True Range Indicator to find an entry point. 
  • We should use it on an ECN account. 
  • It calculates lot sizes for us for every order on the market. 
  • We have various filters to customize our trading experience. 
  • The time filter helps us with skipping trading during determined hours. 
  • We should avoid high-impact news. 
  • The support can be delivered 24/7. 

Night Hawk backtesting report

Night Hawk backtest report
Night Hawk backtest report

There’s a test that was performed on GBPCHF and is based on the 8-year period. The time frame was M15. The total gain was 333.26%. An average monthly gain was 1.47%. The maximum drawdown was 18.03%. It was published on May 05, 2020. 

Night Hawk statistics
Night Hawk statistics

There were 1042 deals with 9277.7 pips traded. An average win was 20.93 pips when an average loss was 36.82 pips. The accuracy was 82% and 86% for longs and short trading positions. Its profit factor was high – 3.13.

Night Hawk directions
Night Hawk directions

The trading directions were tested equally. 

Night Hawk live results

Night Hawk live trading results
Night Hawk live trading results

Night Hawk is still running a real USD account on IC Markets automatically on MT4. We don’t know details about leverage. Most likely, it’s 1:400, 1:500, or so. The account has two Dave’s of verified track record and trading privileges. It was created on December 20, 2018, deposited at $3,703, and withdrawn at $3,836. The total gain is 288.99%,  while an average monthly gain is 3.68%. The maximum drawdown is 41.35%. There are 38 people who track the account. 

Night Hawk statistics
Night Hawk statistics

There were 2109 orders executed and 8046.2 pips obtained. An average win is 23.90 pips when an average loss is -55.14 pips. An average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is twice lower than the one we see in the backtest report –1.62.

Night Hawk directions
Night Hawk directions

It executes orders on the nine pairs. GBPUSD (372) and AUDCAD (568) are the most traded pairs. AUDNZD was traded much but with -$18.15 losses. 

Night Hawk risks
Night Hawk risks

There should be 31 orders lost to lose 10% of the account. 

Night Hawk closed orders
Night Hawk closed orders

We may note that the system hides SL levels not to be hunted. It works with Grids of 2-5 orders. 

Night Hawk monthly activities
Night Hawk monthly activities

January 2022 is going to be closed with profit. 

Some features of Night Hawk

Total return288.99%
Maximal drawdown41.35%
Average monthly gain3.68%
DeveloperDaVinci Group
Created, year2020
Lot sizeN/A
Min. depositN/A
Recommended depositN/A
Recommended brokersN/A
Currency pairsEight cross pairs

Main things to consider if you invest with Night Hawk EA

Risky strategies on the board

The system works with a Grid and Martingale combo. This pressures the margin much. 

Lack of testimonials 

We don’t know if the system works well for people. 

No refunds

The developers provide no refund policy. 

Pricing details

Night Hawk pricing
Night Hawk pricing

We can purchase a copy of Night Hawk for $275. There’s no refund policy provided. We can pay via WebMoney and PayPal. There’s a 30% discount on a second purchase. 

Other notes

A profile of DaVinci FX on Forex Peace Army
A profile of DaVinci FX on Forex Peace Army

There’s a profile of DaVinci FX created on Forex Peace Army. We have no trading accounts connected and no people’s testimonials written. 

Night Hawk Summary

Night Hawk is another risky solution based on a Grid and Martingale combo. The presentation looks short and doesn’t include strategy details, setting list, and parameters. Also, we have no verified testimonials published on Forex Peace Army.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +Trading results provided
  • +A backtest report showed
  • +Acceptable pricing


  • -No team revealed
  • -No risk advice given
  • -No setting explanations provided
  • -Risky strategies implemented
  • -No refunds
  • -No testimonials written
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