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Trality Review: Can You Make Money With It? 

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Trality is a platform that unites under one roof various trading solutions. We can trade with trading bots like a professional. So, it’s the right time to take a closer look at it.

Trality: first impression

We have various bots that require us to have coding skills to custmoize them.

What’s Trality?

It’s a platform and bots that can be used on the crypto market.

Using Trality

We have various details and aspects of the system’s performance explained.

  • We can expect that the system manages our orders automatically.
  • The robot collects data from various exchanges to understand where the market goes.
  • The system has various advanced tools applied.
  • It allows us to code bots if we have trading experience.
  • You can work with various indicators, receiving data from them.
  • There’s a drag-and-drop feature applied for our comfort.
  • It requires us to know the Python language.
  • There will be a marketplace for bots created.
  • Traders are allowed to use over 100 technical indicators.
  • We can enjoy watching videos of algorithmic trading, getting something new.
  • The system works on the market all the time.

How to install Trality software?

  • First, we have to finish registration.
  • Second, we should pick a package and subscribe for it.
  • Then, we have to generate API keys and attach the robot to any exchange.

What does Trality have to offer?

Over 100 indicators

The system can receive data from many indicators.

API keys

The robot can work on our account safely.

Automatic trading

All orders will be performed for us automatically.

Trading strategies offered by Trality

There are no details mentioned about trading strategies applied to the bots.

How much does Trality cost?

We have different packages implemented. If we want to use a free package we have to be prepared for a limit of €5000. The smallest tick interval is 60 minutes. There’s a single bot and virtual bot. The Knight package i;s available for €9.99. There are features: €25,000 limits, 2 live bots, 2 virtual bots. The Rook pack can be subscribed for €39.99 and it includes €250,000 volumes, 5m smallest tick interval, 5 bots, and 5 virtual bots. The Queen costs €59.99. It’s featured by unlimited trading volumes, 1m smallest tick interval, 10 bots, and 10 virtual bots.

Fees & commissions

There are no hidden fees implemented.

Available exchanges

We can work on the different top exchanges: Binance​, ​Bitpanda​, ​Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Binance​.US, and FTX.

Trality company overview

The developers provide only general information about themself Moritz Putzhammer, Co-Founder & CEO. Christopher Helf, Co-Founder & CTO. Andrea Salcedo, Sr. Software Engineer. Ovidiu Popescu, Head of Growth Marketing. Constantin Dißelkamp, ML Engineer. Tamas Hodobay, Sr. Backend Engineer. The company was deployed three years ago in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer and Christopher Helf. 

Trality time in business

They have been working for three years in a row. It’s a solid period for a crypto solution.

Customer support and user experience

Trality testimonials
Trality testimonials

There’s a profile of Trality created on Trustpilot. We have only 25 testimonials published.

Trality testimonials
Trality testimonials
Trality testimonials
Trality testimonials

Various former clients couldn’t manage to be profitable with this solution on the market.

Is it safe and legal to use Trality?

The system looks safe. It’s legal in any country where crypto assets and crypto trading is allowed.

Is Trality for all traders?

Yes. We can use Trality without previous trading experience. If we want to develop or customize it, we should have proper experience. 

Trality Crypto Bot

Trality is a trading solution that provides everyone with possibilities of executing orders automatically. The presentation doesn’t include backetst reports or verified trading results that would convince us that the system is good to go. So, we have to rely on our intuition and testimonials from Trustpilot.

Core Features


Supported Exchanges


Fees and Commissions


Brand Reputation




  • +We can work with various bots
  • +The list of exchanges is extended
  • +We can use a free package


  • -No risk advice given
  • -No backtest reports provided
  • -No trading results available
  • -Many negative testimonials written
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