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Mistplay App Review: Best for Budgeting

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People are often looking for ways to earn extra money. There are many opportunities to make a passive income, like participating in online surveys, secret shopper, and many more. 

Another fun way to earn extra cash is from playing games. If you are an active mobile gamer, you would find it fun and be rewarded as well. 

You might find numerous platforms offering loyalty rewards, but can they compare to Mistplay? It is a platform that enables you to earn a passive income from doing what you love, playing games. 

Three things to know before starting:

  • The app permits their customers to play games and in return receive loyalty points which they can swap for bonuses.
  • You can only use your Android device to use this app.
  • Users can signup and use the app for free and can unlock premium bonuses by improving their status level.

What is the Mistplay passive income app?

Henry Machalani started Mistplay in 2015, and back then, it was a game testing platform but has evolved into a loyalty platform for mobile gamers since 2017. The platform has a mission to allow mobile gamers to earn rewards. Furthermore, it provides a platform for developers to market their games.

It is available for Android devices only, and therefore only downloadable from the Google Play store. Mistplay has partnered with various platforms like Appsflyer, Adjust, Singular, and Adbrix.

Mistplay App

Who should choose this passive income app?

The app appeals to mobile game enthusiasts who are looking to earn cash rewards for competing in mobile games. It is not available to everyone, therefore, you have to reside in the country where the app is allowed, like Canada, the USA, or Singapore, to name a few. 

Furthermore, the app is available to users who are aged 13 years and older.

Who should choose this passive income app?

How does the Mistplay app work?

It uses an engagement model which allows users to interact with games on their platform for a longer period.  The longer users play mobile games, the more reward points they stand to earn.  

Loyalty points are exchangeable for rewards in the Mistplay shop.  Users receive rewards the more purchases they make from the shop.

The app utilizes a status system. The more you spend, the more points you collect, and your status is increased to the next level. The app targets gamers based on various targets like demographics, location, and behavior.

How does the Mistplay app work?

Fees and costs


When you start playing games, Mistplay will measure your playtime according to a point system. It has three-point status levels:

  • GXP (Game experience points)

Users earn these points depending on the time they play a specific game for. The more of these points you can grab, the more units the app will reward you while improving your profile.

Users earn these points depending on the time they play a specific game for.

  • PXP (Player experience points)

PXP measures the player’s overall experience in Mistplay. It awards you with points when you level up from a specific game. Just like GXP, PXP will improve your earnings per unit.

  • Units

Units are essential in leveling up your status on this app. Once you collect enough GXP and PXP, your profile levels up, and Mistplay rewards you in units this way. You can think of units as the Mistplay currency since you can use units to exchange for prizes like gift cards in the Mistplay shop.

Mistplay rewards you $5 once you accumulate 1,500 units and 3000 units are equivalent to $10.  However, you cannot redeem cash and use it for the prizes offered in the Mistplay shop.


This app is free to join, and there are no fees payable for using the app.


How to start?

As we mentioned, it is an Android app, and you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once you install the app, you need to follow the registration process and start earning points.

How much could I get for one month using the Mistplay passive income app?

Earning from this app depends on how fast you can accumulate units and is therefore dependent on how many games you can play within a month. There are no criteria for earning monthly, and it depends on the user. 

How much could I get

How does Mistplay passive income compare?

How does Mistplay passive income compare

Pros & cons

Worth to useWorth to getaway
Zero investment required
It is free to join, and there are no hidden fees once you’re a member.
No monetary rewards
It does not pay you in cash for your efforts, and points are redeemable for gift card purchases.
Perfect for mobile gamers
Mobile gamers can enjoy the latest mobile games and earn rewards for their time.
Little earnings
It pays less than $1.00 per hour of playing games. Therefore, users should not expect to make a fortune from using the app.
Receive gift cards
Once you collect sufficient units you can redeem them for gift cards.
Only Android compatible
It is only accessible via Android devices, and you can therefore not use it if you have an iPhone.

Final thoughts

It is an established platform and has evolved over the years since its inception. Therefore, it is meant for people who love playing games and find the rewards helpful. However, the app is not going to earn you passive income as cash.

The app has limitations regarding device compatibility and availability of games which is where the platform lacks. However, users do earn rewards, and if it appeals to you, you can surely give this app a try. 

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