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Crypto Bubbles of 2022: Which Crypto Coins Don’t Get Up off Their Knees?

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Many cryptocurrencies proved to be bubbles only. There are currently 1,085 dead coins, according to Coinopsy, which keeps track of such failures. That’s a significant number, even when compared to the more than 3,300 currently in business, and top industry executives believe that a large number of them will go under as well.

The dot-com boom of the 1990s serves as a good illustration of how quickly things may change in a new industry. Unfortunately, however, cryptocurrency developers have often spent too little effort to outline the business-use case for their coins and tokens. Why is it that so many of these endeavors come to naught?

Let’s walk you through crypto bubbles.

Can you make real money with crypto bubbles?

Crypto bubble values are very volatile. But still, die-hard fans believe that prices will continue to grow in a world where traditional value concepts no longer apply. So there’s a potential you may profit from crypto bubbles.

How to earn with crypto bubbles?

You’re taking a significant risk if you invest only in anticipation. Expectations rise and fall, sometimes quickly due to causes that are tough to foresee or even understand. A bubble occurs when an asset increases only because people think it will rise, with no other factors at play. You may earn a lot of money rapidly in a bubble because asset values rise swiftly. But, in a bubble, you might also lose everything since there is no real underpinning for the asset’s value – what goes up comes crashing down with a devastating thud if expectations change.

How to start with crypto bubbles?

If you want to invest in crypto bubbles, you can start looking out for the crypto bubbles that are relatively less volatile than the rest of the crypto bubbles to reduce a little bit of risk.

Top 5 worst crypto bubbles in 2022

Let’s look at the top five worst crypto bubbles in 2022.

What is Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

SHIB 1-year price chart
SHIB 1-year price chart

Similar to Dogecoin, Shiba Inu was a hype-driven cryptocurrency that experienced a bull run in 2021 before falling later on. From it’s all-time high of $0.00008616 set in late October 2021, it has fallen 62%. However, Shiba Inu’s limited utility and speculative investor community make it vulnerable to future losses.

According to, Shiba Inu owners typically keep them for 40 days. Compared to 70 and 75 days for Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively. It’s easy for whales to drive down the price by dumping their holdings since the asset’s supply is so concentrated among a small number of accounts.

SHIBA price forecast 2022 

When compared to other meme currencies, the Shiba Inu money seems to have a bright future ahead of it, even though it’s still early on in its development. Even if the pandemic threat is receding, the Shiba Inu coin’s price is projected to rise to $0.0000624. 

According to our 2022 Shiba Inu price forecast, the coin will be worth $0.0000511 in the first quarter. Similarly, $0.00005306 in the second, $0.00005986 in the third, and $0.0000623 in the fourth quarter if everything goes according to the whitepaper.

SHIBA price forecast 2025

The year 2025 may be remembered as the benchmark year since the price of the SHIB token is expected to exceed $0.000091 well. Furthermore, SHIB Inu’s price will likely soar to roughly $0.00010 by 2025 due to widespread adoption, a never-before-seen increase.

What is Convex Finance (CVX)?

CVX 1-year price chart
CVX 1-year price chart

From $27.32 to as high as $29.91 on February 8 after a rally that started on February 2, the CVX token’s price has grown dramatically. Even after making a new high on February 11, prices fell to $25.21 as the rally came to an abrupt end that day. The coin’s value has dropped by almost 20% in only a few days. As a result, despite the current sideways trend in CVX pricing, the token’s price has been dropping since we hit the channel’s absolute low.

CVX price forecast 2022 

By 2022, we can expect the average price to be $31.76. Convex Finance might cost as much as $35.85 by late 2022 if all goes according to the whitepaper. Even after a long bull run, the cryptocurrency market remains susceptible to a fall.

CVX price forecast 2025

CVX has a lot of potential to become a huge success with the appropriate alliances and improvements. If the market solely invests in Convex Finance, the price may rise. By 2025, it may be valued at $113.01. On the other hand, the CVX is expected to reverse direction if the market collapses. A price of $98.37 is predicted for the year 2025 on average.

What is Dogecoin (DOGE)?

DOGE 1-year price chart
DOGE 1-year price chart

In 2021, Dogecoin gained approximately 3,000 percent, making it one of the top performers. Although the price has dropped significantly from its all-time high of $0.74 in March, this is still true. Unfortunately, due to its weak fundamentals and concentrated ownership, Dogecoin’s decline will continue in 2022, which is terrible news for investors. In addition, Dogecoin now has 133 billion units in circulation, which is expected to expand by 5 billion units a year forever, putting downward pressure on the price.

DOGE price forecast 2022 

According to our DOGE price forecast and projection update, the currency might be trading roughly around $0.30 by the end of 2022. Technically, the DOGE follows the broader crypto market trend. 

DOGE price forecast 2025

In 2025, the DOGE price is expected to be about $0.60. The token’s utility is slowly increasing as institutions adopt it as a means of payment processing. 

What is Arweave’s (AR)?

AR 1-year price chart
AR 1-year price chart

It’s been months, not weeks, that Arweave’s awful conduct began. Arweave has kept the data of Solana, but the token’s value has been steadily falling over the previous three months. It’s been a down week for the token despite its slow rise to $42 on February 7. As of this writing, the price was $33 since it had been unable to hold its gains for the long term. In the previous few weeks, the value of AR Weave tokens has fallen by more than 20% to 25%.

AR price forecast 2022 

AR cryptocurrency is a good long-term and short-term investment. An established organization is behind the coin, which provides practical solutions to real-world problems. This cryptocurrency may trade at a high of $70.339 and a low of $47.831 by the mid-year of 2022. The average AR price is predicted to rise to $56.271 by June 2022 if everything goes according to the whitepaper.

AR price forecast 2025

AR’s price is predicted to climb on cryptocurrency trading platforms by the end of 2025 because of its expected exponential growth. According to the trend charts, AR might be worth $204 by 2025. 

What is Waxe (WAXE)?

WAXE 1-year price chart
WAXE 1-year price chart

WAXE claims to be the world’s most proven and environmentally sustainable blockchain in NFTs, video games, and collectibles. Unfortunately, in the wake of an excellent performance last week, the WAXE token has seen a similar downturn. Since its all-time high on February 2, the cryptocurrency has lost 19 percent of its value. It is now trading at $331.

WAXE price forecast 2022 

WAX projection for 2022 is $0.79, and the price of WAXP will hover between $0.79 and $0.85 until August 2022, with no hint of further price increases. WAX is planned to be sold at a maximum price of $0.85. Due to the cryptocurrency market’s decline and other circumstances, the coin is only expected to return to the resistance level. Because of this, according to our WAX price prediction, WAX cryptocurrency is not a viable investment in the foreseeable future.

WAXE price forecast 2025

Within six months of 2025, WAX prices are predicted to jump from $1.5 to $1.7. Forecasts for wax prices predict that they will reach a record high this year, with a more significant market value, and become a profitable investment if the right alliances and improvements are made.

Pros and cons

Let’s look at some pros and cons of crypto bubbles.

Worth to useWorth to getaway
They provide quick returns, which can help you earn great profit.There is a high risk of depreciation.
They have less liquidity and more volatility, resulting in massive gains or losses.There are no specific parameters to identify their price fluctuations parameter.
A decline of this magnitude may provide a chance for certain investors to add to their portfolios.Bubbles are prone to pump and dump activities. 

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrency has entered the mainstream and is now a good choice for virtual stocking stuffers thanks to sites like Coinbase and Square, which allow users to send bitcoin as gifts. Please accept our apologies if their value soars by 100,000 percent the next quarter, even though we don’t recommend investing in them. Here are some of the strangest and riskiest crypto bubble projects we’ve seen.

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