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Agimat Trading System Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing

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Agimat Trading System assures users the best FX scalping approach with its high-performance design. This is an indicator tool that works on the MT4, MT5, and TradingView platforms. As an FX trading tool, this indicator offers hassle-free operation and a high degree of accuracy. The developer, Dennis Buchholz assures that this system does not repaint.

Agimat Trading System trading strategy

Other than the mention of the scalping approach, we could not find an explanation for the trading strategy this FX indicator uses. There is info present about the use of a neural network that helps in better accuracy. The vendor boasts of the system being the only FX and Binary Options tool with real-time neural network-fed information. The vendor provides a video tutorial on how the scalping system works which we find is not sufficient to understand the approach and its efficacy. 

Agimat Trading System backtesting report

We could not find backtesting results for this indicator. While it is true that the backtesting results cannot predict a similar performance in the future, they serve as a useful tool for understanding the strategy and its efficacy.

Agimat Trading System live results

A real EUR account verified by the FXBlue site is present on the official site. Here is a screenshot of the report:

Verified trading stats of Agimat Trading System
Verified trading stats of Agimat Trading System

From the above trading stats, we can see a total return of 348.6% is present for the account that started in 2019 with a history of 896 days. A monthly profit of 5.1% and a weekly profit of 1.2% are present with a drawdown of 3.9%. The profit factor is 11.64 and profitability is 95.6%. A risk to reward ratio of 2.85 is present. From the balance graph, we can see the account does not have a steady growth. While the profits are high, the risk/reward ratio indicates a high risk.

Some features of the Agimat Trading System

Features of Agimat Trading System
Features of Agimat Trading System

A few of the important features of this indicator as per the vendor are:

  • A free trade copier is offered with the purchase of the trading tool along with a tutorial video, instruction manual, and receiver software. 
  • The system is compatible with iOS and Android Apps.
  • This indicator is USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) approved.
  • It can trade stocks, futures, currency pairs, metals, cryptos, commodities, and CFD.
Total return348.6%
Maximal drawdown 3.9%
Average monthly gain 5.1%
DeveloperFX Tech Group
Created year2016
Lot sizeN/A
Recommended depositN/A
Recommended brokersIC Markets
Currency pairsAny

Main things to consider if you invest with Agimat Trading System

If you are interested in this EA, then you need to pay attention to:

Free FX signals

Along with the indicator, you get the free copier system. The vendor assures a 90% accuracy and a drawdown of less than 3.9% as shown in the FXBlue verified results. Further, the vendor also offers help with VPS and installation.

Mobile App

A mobile version is present that offers features similar to the desktop version. You can receive notifications even when your phone is locked.

Neural Network

This system uses a neural network that the vendor claims is used by hedge funds and big trading firms for precision. The neural connectivity helps the indicator to get info instantaneously ensuring precise trading. As per the vendor, the artificial network is continuously updated to provide better accuracy.

Expensive package

When compared to the prevailing rates in the market, the cost of the package is high and not affordable.

Strategy explanation

The vendor does not provide a proper explanation of the trading approach. There is a vague mention of a scalping method. The absence of info raises suspicion on the method used.

Pricing details

Pricing package of Agimat Trading System
Pricing package of Agimat Trading System

A one-time license fee of €174 is charged for this system. The package includes two demo/real MT4/MT5 accounts, updates, free FX signals, and email support. Installation and trading guide video tutorials are also present along with the mobile apps for Android or iOS. When compared to the market average, we find the price is a bit expensive. There is no refund offer present.

Other notes

We found 268 reviews for this indicator on the FPA site with a rating of 3.987/5. Most of the recent reviews are positive. Here are a few of the feedback:

User review for Agimat Trading System
User review for Agimat Trading System
User review for Agimat Trading System
User review for Agimat Trading System

From the above testimonials, we find that the signals are accurate and the system has provided consistent gains.

Agimat Trading System Summary

Agimat Trading System offers a scalping strategy that can provide better accuracy and minimal risk. The developer provides verified proof of the low risk and high profits. Further, the reviews on FPA are positive indicating stable profits with the system. The free FX signals and mobile app are other benefits you get with the package. However, the strategy is not explained properly and there are no backtests to prove the efficacy.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +Neural network-based system
  • +FXBlue verified results


  • -Price is expensive
  • -Strategy explanation is not present
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