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Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing

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Aeron uses a combination of the Grid and scalping methods to ensure consistent and high returns at low risk. As an MT4 tool, this system can work on five currency pairs. It is designed to work in all types of market conditions namely stable and volatile situations. The FX robot is fully automated and requires only the initial setting of the appropriate parameters after which you need not provide any inputs.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) trading strategy

As per the vendor, this FX EA uses the scalping method that involves a high frequency of trades with small profits from each of them and the grid method that achieves profits from trending and sideways trading. This MT4 tool offers customization of the methods to help exploit the benefits of the two methods. However, you need to keep in mind that a grid method is a high-risk approach.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) backtesting report

There are no backtesting reports for this FX Robot. Although it is true that the backtests cannot predict the future performance of a system, they help to understand the approach and its efficacy. The absence of backtesting data raises suspicion on the efficacy of the MT4 tool.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) live results

A real live USD account verified by the FXBlue site is present for this EA. Here is a screenshot of the trading results:

Trading results of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)
Trading results of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

From the above stats, we can see the real account has a balance of 0.08 and a closed loss of $10,010.18. The account has been losing for the past four months with a total loss of 302.9%. The monthly and weekly losses are 100.0% and the peak drawdown is 248.3%. For a trading history of 311 days, the profit factor is 0.58 and profitability is 74.6%. From the results, we can see the performance is dismal indicating a risky approach.

Some features of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

Features and recommendations for Aeron (Scalper+Grid)
Features and recommendations for Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

The key features and recommendations for this MT4 tool that the vendor states make this product competitive are:

  • Each trading position has a specific TP and SL level setting.
  • You can set the risk level using the risk management feature in the EA.
  • The automated system increases lot size as per the equity or balance present.
  • It can work in volatile and stable market conditions equally well.
  • Recommendations include an MT4 account, M1 timeframe, and a minimum balance of $1000.
  • You need stable internet connectivity for uninterrupted operation.
Total return-320.9%
Maximal drawdown -248.3%
Average monthly gain -100%
Created yearN/A
TypeScalping and Grid
Lot sizenot less than 1000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Recommended deposit$2000
Recommended brokersAny

Main things to consider if you invest with Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

If you are interested in this EA, then you need to pay attention to:

Trading approach

The grid method is considered a high-risk approach that can put your capital at risk. With this EA using this dangerous method, you need to consider the risk involved and whether it is worth the money and effort.

No strategy tests

The vendor does not provide backtesting results on the official site. The vague strategy explanation makes it difficult to understand the method and its efficacy.

Automated system

When you are using an approach like the scalping method, you need to have your full focus on the terminal. In the case of the scalping system failing to provide profits, you can use the grid method for higher returns.

Pricing details

Pricing package of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)
Pricing package of Aeron (Scalper+Grid)

You need to pay $230 for buying this FX EA. The quoted price is for the initial 50 copies of the software and all subsequent copies will cost $349. There is no info available on the features included in the package including a money-back guarantee. 

Other notes

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed third-party sites like FPA, Trustpilot, etc.

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) Summary

Aeron (Scalper+Grid) provides FXBlue verified results, features, and recommendations for using the FX Robot. The strategy used is stated clearly by the vendor. However, there are some downsides like the big losses in real trading, the use of a risky method like the grid approach, lack of user reviews, and an expensively priced package.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +A fully automated software
  • +Verified trading results


  • -Real trading performance indicates a big loss
  • -Price is expensive
  • -No refund policy
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