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TechBerry Review: Things You Need To Know Before Investing

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TechBerry prides itself on being the first automated social trading analytical platform capable of using its own artificial intelligence (AI) to collect and analyze data from over 100,000 trading accounts online. The platform, which has been in existence since 2015 is keen on revolutionizing social trading. Subsequently, it has earned its place as one of the most effective automated trading systems within the Forex market.

Upon acquiring the platform membership, individuals are assured of an income averaging at close to 12% each month. Besides, the deep learning algorithm upon which TechBerry is founded selects the best trading opportunities within the Forex market from all the available trading activities.

Its neutral algorithm collects and analyzes online data from over 100,000 trading accounts that are shared by the traders. Subsequently, its AI is able to create a customized strategy by selecting the top trading opportunities. TechBerry then presents it as an automated trading solution that is easy to use. One can acquire a TechBerry membership by enrolling for a yearly subscription plan that will allow you receive income yielded via AI data.

TechBerry account types

TechBerry is a feasible wealth-building opportunity for both individuals and traders. Here is why.

Individual account

One of the ways to earn via the TechBerry platform is to pay for an annual subscription plan, which is attainable by following a set of simple steps. The platform membership allows one to receive an income, which is generated by the automated trading system.

Notably, one does not have to be experienced in the Forex market to earn from the platform. Besides, unlike other setups, TechBerry protects its members from trading losses. This means that you get to trade like a Pro without being involved in the trading process or worrying about losing your money.

techberry plan configuration
Compare TechBerry Plans

Trader account

TechBerry enables pro traders in the Forex market to earn additional income by giving the platform with access to their MT4 or MT5 trading activities. It is important to note that a trader does not have to make any deposit with TechBerry to benefit from this provision.

To earn from TechBerry as a trader, one needs to download and install the TechBerry expert advisor software in the MT4 or MT5 platform. The software will upload one’s trading activity.

How reliable is TechBerry trading platform?

A detailed look at the TechBerry trading algorithm proves that it is one of the most innovative and reliable ones in the financial sector. In addition to the platform’s efficacy, its partnerships substantiate its reliability. TechBerry cooperates with over 50 leading Forex brokers across the globe. The brokers in question are regulated by authorities such as FSA, CySEC, BaFin, FINRA, CFTC, FSC, and FCA.

Besides, there are other elements within its operations to prove that TechBerry is not only legitimate but reliable.

Transparent performance

The presence of independent analytical services ensures that the performance of TechBerry’s trading platform is top-notch. To begin with, its trading results are listed on renowned trading performance analysis websites like Myfxbook, FXBlue, FX Audit. Besides, the trading reports are available on the TechBerry website.

Metaverse of trades

The TechBerry platform is able to collect substantial online trading activity, which yields into a metaverse of feasible trading opportunities. Ordinarily, navigating the virtual space of financial data, which is rather new, can be complicated. TechBerry eases this process for traders and presents it in a straightforward and easily accessible manner. Its up-to-date AI eliminates the need to read news, conduct routine analysis, and analyze the performance of over 100,000 trading accounts.

Artificial intelligence

TechBerry’s trading algorithm is not subject to human factor. By using deep learning and subsequently formulating automated strategies, it is able to identify the most compelling chart patterns within a particular time frame. For TechBerry’s AI, aspects such as the profit factor, drawdown, and trading preferences for both the short and long-term are essential conditions that yield a high win rate.

Pricing details

TechBerry members can benefit from its free trial, as well as the six available membership plans. One is able to select a membership plan that suits them based on the desired loss compensation policy, profit share, access to performance records, deposit, and service fees.

The key features of a TechBerry membership include:

  • Service fee: deducted only from the acquired profits.
  • Subscription fees: in addition to the available free trial, there are several subscription plans ranging from $19 per year for the “Green” plan to $499 for the “Infinite”.
  • Loss compensation policy: depending on the selected plan, one can receive a reimbursement of the incurred trading losses by up to 100%.
  • Personal manager: for the members with a “Gold” subscription plan and beyond, a personal manager is attached to your account.


TechBerry is one of the limited social trading analytical platforms that can assure steady and significant trading gains. Indeed, the apt combination of an effective product and placement as a hub for successful professionals in the modern Forex market is proof that it is the future for social automated trading platforms.

TechBerry Summary

The concept of data analysis has steadily spread to various sectors over the years. Notably, TechBerry has maintained its competitiveness and efficacy with reference to technological innovations within the Forex market. The TechBerry platform uses AI to combine the experience of over 100k Forex market specialists, thus yielding an extremely efficient social automated trading system. Indeed, it is the perfect opportunity for those looking to build their wealth via Forex. Minimal effort is required from TechBerry members. In turn, they get an AI-based solution that is beginner friendly, safe, easy to use, and profitable. Based on the details and pros of the platform, a TechBerry membership is worth acquiring.







Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +An array of membership plans are available to cater to a wide range of individual needs.
  • +Members are protected against hefty trading losses.
  • +Traders and individuals alike are assured of an income with little effort.
  • +TechBerry is in partnership with over 50 of the leading Forex brokers and other top financial institutions.
  • +Trading results compiled since its launching in 2015 indicates that traders are guaranteed a monthly profit of 11.2%.


  • -Traders have to meet certain high standards in order to upload their account data.
  • -With regards to data collection, the platform only supports MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5).
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