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Happy MartiGrid Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing 

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Happy MartiGrid is a Forex expert advisor that claims to offer the best profits and stability. It is a product from the Germany-based Happy Forex team that is known for manufacturing Forex EAs like Happy Frequency, Happy Gold, Happy News, Happy Trend, Happy Way, and Happy Fast Money. It is a system that is compatible with operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

Happy MartiGrid trading strategy

This robot uses a martingale plus grid combo. It also uses a news filter and technical indicators. The vendor claims that the strategy requires utmost attention on the part of the trader. 

Happy MartiGrid backtesting report 

Backtesting results of GBP/USD on the official Happy Forex website
Backtesting results of GBP/USD on the official Happy Forex website

This backtest was conducted with an initial deposit of $3000. The EA conducted a total of 6101 trades from 2008 to 2012 using an every tick model. By maintaining a win rate of 74.20%, it made a total profit of $8839.55. For the testing period, the EA had a profit factor of 1.92. There were 26 maximum consecutive wins and 8 maximum consecutive losses, which means the performance was quite decent. The relative drawdown was 26.75%, which is indicative of a risky strategy.

Happy MartiGrid live results 

Growth chart of Happy MartiGrid on Myfxbook
Growth chart of Happy MartiGrid on Myfxbook

This live trading account on Myfxbook was launched on June 18, 2021. To date, the EA has conducted 160 trades through this account, winning 77% of them. The win rate is slightly higher compared to the backtest. This account has a high profit factor of 1.80 and a time-weighted return of 25.37%. While the daily and monthly gains are quite high at 0.09% and 2.65%, respectively.

From recent trading history, it is evident that the EA is able to generate profits at a steady rate. The last 19 trades have been conducted with a lot size of 0.01. 

Trading results of Happy MartiGrid on Myfxbook
Trading results of Happy MartiGrid on Myfxbook

On average, the robot holds an order for five days, but we can see instances where trades have been closed within a few minutes. This system also applies the martingale strategy as shown below. 

Recent trades showing martingale
Recent trades showing martingale

Some features of Happy MartiGrid 

This is an EA that only trades in AUD/USD. You need to deposit at least $3000 or 3000 cents to get started with this system, based on the type of account you’re using. It is compatible with micro, mini, and standard accounts. 

Happy MartiGrid supports ECN brokers. It is easy to install and can automatically detect 4 or 5 digits quotes. Since it is 100% automated, it can function without manual inputs. 

Total return 25.37%
Maximal drawdown 27.20%
Average monthly gain 2.65%
Developer Happy Forex
Created, year2021
Price 299 Euros
Type Martingale/Grid
Timeframe N/A
Lot size 0.01
Leverage 1:500
Min. deposit $3000/3000 cents
Recommended deposit N/A
Recommended brokers N/A
Currency pairs AUD/USD

Main things to consider if you invest with Happy MartiGrid 

If you wish to purchase this EA, you need to consider the following:

High profitability 

The EA has a win rate of 77% for the live trading account. For the backtest, the win rate is 74.20%. Thus, compared to other EAs, Happy MartiGrid is highly profitable. 

Experienced developer 

Happy Forex, the development company, has been manufacturing Forex EAs for over five years. It is a transparent company that is well-known for building profitable EAs. You can find the verified track records for all of their EAs on third-party websites.

Attractive offer

When you buy this EA, you get the Happy Forex Full Pack containing 10 EAs. You don’t need to pay anything extra for this. You can combine these systems for better results.

Pricing details 

For two licenses, you need to pay 299 Euros, while five licenses cost 499 Euros only. Compared to other EAs, the pricing plans are not too expensive. The vendor offers free updates and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Customer reviews 

At this moment, there are no customer reviews for Happy MartiGrid on trusted third-party websites.

Happy MartiGrid Summary

Happy MartiGrid has a verified track record of winning steady profits in the live market. Also, it has managed to show an impressive performance during the backtest. The vendor sells the EA at an affordable price while offering the protection of a money-back guarantee.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +High win rate
  • +Solid backtesting results
  • +30- day money-back guarantee


  • -No customer reviews
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