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FX Classic Trader Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing

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FX Classic Trader is a trading bot that is compatible with all account types and brokers. The vendor states that it is a strategically safe, robust, and profitable solution for automated trading, used by more than 2190 clients. Continuing with the article, we will review this system to know if it’s beneficial and reliable to the trader in real market conditions. 

FX Classic Trader trading strategy

The presentation of the robot provides shallow and little details about the strategic approach; the only detail provided by the developers is that the expert advisor is non-martingale, which comes with a combination of support/resistances and indicator analysis to predict the market. We observe the use of averaging strategies from FXBlue. The algorithm has no fixed time to open trades and implements a trailing stop loss function to trade EURGBP.

Trading history on FXBlue
Trading history on FXBlue

FX Classic Trader backtesting report

The vendor provided backtesting records on the EURGBP chart at the 1-hour timeframe. The data consist of 78179376 ticks with a history quality of 90.00%. The relative drawdown was counted as 20.45%, and the system participated in 429 trades with a profit factor of 13.23. The stat shows that the robot won 24 consecutive wins and 2 losses with a win percentage of 85.64. 

Backtesting history
Backtesting history

FX Classic Trader live results

Live trading records of FX Classic Trader are available on FxBlue. The system was added on June 7, 2020 and has been live for 290 days. The total balance of the system stands at $4401.07 with a profit of +$2432.89. The floating P/L value can be seen as -$735.40 on a live account.

Live records from Fxblue
Live records from Fxblue

The total gain shown in the stats is at +218.0%, with a monthly return of +14.6%. The peak drawdown value is shown as -5.0%, along with a profit factor of 3.38. The win rate of 75.3% falls behind with that on the backtesting records.

Live records from Fxblue
Live records from Fxblue

Some features of FX Classic Trader

The following mentioned below is the feature that comes with the purchased license:

  • The system is a 100% automated solution.
  • The robot uses a non-martingale strategical approach and is compatible with NFA/FIFO.
  • It comes with five digits price feed.
  • The EA trades on the MT4 platform.
  • The robot is compatible with all brokers.
  • It’s easy to install and run.
Total return218.0%
Maximal drawdown -5.0%  
Average monthly gain 14.6%
Created, the year2020 (live records)
Price$109, $129, $149
Lot size0.01
Leverage1:50 (min), 1:100 -1:500 (recommended)
Min. deposit$200
Recommended depositN/A
Recommended brokersSupports all brokers
Currency pairsEUR/GBP

Main things to consider if you invest with FX Classic Trader

The EA is unfit for use due to the following points: 

Backtesting results

The backtesting records the developer provides are three years (2017.01.01-2020.03.30). This short period is insufficient to analyze the historical win rate and the profitability of the expert advisor.  

Vendor Transparency

The producers of FX Classic Trader are shy in revealing their identities and sharing their personal information and credentials. No social media accounts and certifications are available on the official website of the vendors. The only option available to contact the developers is through their email address. 

Pricing details

The developer of FX Classic Trader is offering three pricing packages. All the options come with a lifetime license, updates, and customer support. The following are packages mentioned below:

  • Basic Plan

This plan includes one real and demo account for an asking price of $109.

  • Business Plan

In this package, two demo and real licenses come at $129.

  • Premium Plan

Three real and demo keys are offered for $149. 

The developer failed to provide a clear disclosure over the moneyback policy in-case if the customer doesn’t get satisfied with the product. 

Other notes

FX Classic Trader lacks customer reviews present on third-party websites. The company does have accounts present on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, etc., but there are no comments on it which also contradicts developers’ claims about having 2190 active clients. The user testimonials can be used as evidence to know their experience with the vendors or the service providers. 

Vendors' profiles are present on Forex Peace Army
Vendors’ profiles are present on Forex Peace Army
Vendors' profiles are present on Trustpilot
Vendors’ profiles are present on Trustpilot

FX Classic Trader Summary

FX Classic Trader isn't the best investment option because of little disclosure on the strategical approach and developers' identities. Although the robot comes with affordable pricing, the fact cannot be ignored that the developer doesn't offer any refund policies. The duration of historical records is not sufficient to analyze the system properly. No customer testimonials are present on third-party websites, which contradicts their claim to have more than 2190 active clients.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +100% automated trading robot


  • -Little information on the strategy of the robot
  • -No money-back guarantee
  • -No vendor transparency
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