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Botee.Trade Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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Botee.Trade offers fully automated bots that are designed for professional crypto traders. Altcoin and bitcoin trading is done on autopilot on the popular exchanges without the need for your input. The vendor promises a convenient trading environment with the bots that can be launched in your browser or locally. It is a mobile-friendly service offering various features like free backtests, customization, and more.

Botee.Trade Review: Can You Make Money With It?

Botee.Trade: first impression

The crypto bot platform provides a wide range of tools, including backtesting, simulation tests, diverse strategies, and more, ensuring efficient trading. But we could not find info on the vendor, and the pricing plans are expensive.

What’s Botee.Trade?

The crypto platform started in 2017 delivers automated bots that allow you to trade crypto coins on all the major exchanges effectively. It is an advanced cloud platform that helps you create and automate your trading approach. 

Using Botee.Trade

With the cloud-based service, you get to trade flexibly using various analytical tools. These include TA indicators, margin, leverage, trailing stops, DCA, etc. You can combine different indicators to form a strategy or use any other combination. The service has smart charts with buy and sell points and strategy signals at each point. 

The Botee.Trade smart charts

With the automated bots, your funds are safe as they have trade-only permission and do not have deposit or withdrawal requirements.

How to install Botee.Trade software? 

Here are the steps needed to get started with the platform:

  • Create an account and set a password as per the site requirements
  • Choose a pricing plan that suits your investment goals 
  • On receiving your email request, the service will reserve a server and contact you through your email address
  • You will get an email notification with your bot info. Login to your account and click on the bot 
  • Create API keys for the service and connect the bot platform with your exchange account
  • Choose the pair and candle period
  • Set up a strategy and upload settings to apply it to the bot
  • Backtest the strategy 
  • Now the bot is ready to trade on your behalf

What does Botee.Trade have to offer?

Flexible trading

You can use the various strategies, technical analysis indicators, and smart charts to achieve better results.

Customizable approach

You can combine the strategies present with the indicators to form new strategies or change the basic configuration of the indicators. The bot customizations are possible through the code editor.

change the basic configuration

Test your strategy

Simulation testing and backtesting are present to help tweak your approach.

Trading strategies offered by Botee.Trade 

Basic and advanced strategies are present, along with technical analysis indicators. Cross, TP, SL, Instant, and Always are the basic strategies. Advanced strategies include DCA and Trailing Stop. Bollinger Bands, Stochastic, RSI, MA, and MACD are the TA indicators present.

Indicators used by the robot

How Botee.Trade pricing works

A free 7-day trial is present, offering backtests, paper trading, and live trading. A maximum deposit of $1000 is allowed with this plan. The paid packages are the Standard ($60/month), Advanced ($120/month), and Superior ($270/month) plans. The plans differ in the maximum allowed deposit. When compared to the market average, we find the pricing is exorbitant. 

The price packages of Botee.Trade

Fees & commissions

No commission fee is charged for the trades that the bot executes. 

Available exchanges

Bitfinex and Binance are the main integrated exchanges for the service. While the former supports margin trading and OCO, the latter supports backtests also.

Botee.Trade company overview

The vendor does not provide info about the company, such as its headquarters, team members, contact address, etc. 

Botee.Trade time in business

As per the info provided on the official site, the company was launched in 2017 to create a fully automated trading tool. 

Customer support and user experience

For support, the vendor provides a phone number and links to the Telegram and Discord group.

Security, safety, and privacy 

According to the vendor, the service does not have access to user funds. It only stores one-quarter of a two-part API key pair on its servers to ensure the user is a paid member. The vendor also recommends that you disable the withdrawal permission in the API keys.

Is Botee.Trade for all traders?

With basic and advanced strategies, the service caters to beginner and professional traders. The free trial and varied pricing packages also make it ideal for all types of traders.

Botee.Trade review – our verdict

Botee.Trade promises an advanced trading platform for profitable crypto trading. Flexible trading tools, smart charts, backtesting, paper trading, and customizable strategies are benefits of the service. However, you need to mull over the shortcomings present such as the lack of vendor transparency, high pricing, limited exchange support, and the absence of a verified track record.

Core Features:


Supported Exchanges:


Fees and Commissions:


Brand Reputation:




  • +A diverse range of strategies
  • +Free trial


  • -No vendor transparency
  • -Expensive pricing packages
  • -Lack of verified performance
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