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HodlBot Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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HodlBot is a trading solution that can work on the crypto market on autopilot. The devs insisted that we can invest in trading and be profitable.

HodlBot: first impression

The robot looks like a well designed trading solution. It works with HODL indices that require the developer to be in touch with all market conditions.

What’s HodlBot?

HodlBot is software that works with HODL indices on the major exchanges. 

Using HodlBot

The presentation provides us with various explanations about how the system has to function and what we have to expect from its performance.

  • The system can rebalance our portfolio to keep it profitable.
  • We can select coins to rebalance.
  • The developers provide us with 24/7 welcome support.
  • We are allowed to test it on the past data from exchanges.
  • The system tardes, using API keys to protect.
  • We have the data rewritten by HMAC SHA-256 standards.
  • It uses various methods of rebalancing portfolio: periodic rebalancing, threshold rebalancing, range rebalancing, volatility-based rebalancing, and active rebalancing.
  • We can turn on or off this feature.
  • It manages different thresholds where 10% is a common number. 
  • It’s possible to set risks for every asset.
  • It works with the data from Hodl indices that were united based on the market conditions for all traded assets. 
  • We can develop our own indices based on available coins.
  • Our account balance has to be over $200.
  • The HODL indices unite the data from current market conditions.
  • Binance has HODL10 (top 10), HODL20 (top 20), HODL30 (top 30) indices.
  • Kraken has Kraken10 (top 10).
  • The minimal rebalancing period is 28 days.
  • It can be changed manually.
  • HODL10 is based on an exponentially weighted Moving Average indicator of market capitalization.

How to install HodlBot software?

We have to register on the site and subscribe for the bot. After this, it should be customized as we want. API keys should be provided to the system. So, it’s ready to start working.

What does HodlBot have to offer?

API keys

The robot can work with the market, using API keys. This means that the system can trade for us but it’s not allowed for it to withdraw our account.

HODL indices

HODL indices is a pretty useful pack of the market data. So, we can accurately interpret the market conditions. 

Trading strategies offered by HodlBot

  • We can trade HODL strategy that based on the data from top cryptos.
  • The developers didn’t declare charts or time frames to work with.

How much does HodlBot cost?

Let’s talk about its packages. The price of the first one is affordable–$3 monthly. Traders are not allowed to trade more than $500 volumes. If you want to pay a bit more like $6 monthly you can get trading limits higher up to $500-$1000. Users can subscribe for the most expensive package for $14 monthly. You can trade on the balance over $1000. The developers provide a seven day free trial before the price will be charged. There is no refund policy provided.

Fees & commissions

There are no hidden fees or commissions mentioned.

Available exchanges

We can work with the following exchanges Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and Bittrex.

HodlBot company overview

The company provides us with information about the system but doesn’t reveal its owners.

HodlBot time in business

The HodlBot, Inc. was created in 2018. That’s all the information we’ve got.

Customer support and user experience

HodlBot testimonials
HodlBot testimonials

We have some screenshots taken of positive people’s experience of using this system. However, it’s impossible to check them and for this we cannot consider them authentic.

Is it safe and legal to use HodlBot?

The robot works with the markets through API keys. It’s a legal solution if crypto is allowed in your country.

Is HodlBot for all traders?

Yes, it is. The system can be used by traders with any level of trading experience.

HodlBot Crypto Bot

HodlBot is a system that was built around HODL indices. The presentation includes information about the system and how it’s going to function. Alas, we don’t have trading results that would convince us that the system is a good choice for generating stable profits.

Core Features


Supported Exchanges


Fees and Commissions


Brand Reputation




  • +Acceptable offer
  • +We can work with pot exchanges


  • -No developer’s team revealed
  • -No settings explanations provided
  • -No trading results available
  • -No actual testimonials written
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