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TradeSanta Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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TradeSanta provides users with various trading tools to help their trading activities in the crypto market easier, faster, and more efficient. The team behind the service is committed to providing new features every month while ensuring that the service remains comprehensible for all types of traders. 

TradeSanta: first impression

TradeSanta comes across as a user-friendly and useful crypto trading platform. 

What’s TradeSanta?

TradeSanta is a cloud-based software that automates your crypto trading strategy on major exchanges. 

Using TradeSanta

After you install the bot and configure its parameters, it will either begin trading instantly or after it receives a signal from technical indicators. A take profit order and several extra orders will then be placed once the bot implements the initial order.  

How to install TradeSanta software

You need to follow these simple steps to install TradeSanta:

  1. Click the sign up button available on the official website
  2. Fill in your details, including your username, email address, and password
  3. Verify your account by adhering to the instructions sent to your inbox
  4. Now log in to your new TradeSanta account, connect to your preferred exchange, and create your trading bot

What does TradeSanta have to offer?

The system offers the following features:


A dashboard is integrated to help you track all active bots, balance and market dynamics, trading results, and the latest announcements and news from the vendor. 

Stop loss

This feature enables traders to manage their risks to ensure that they exit a position in case the trade goes against their strategy. 

Mobile app

TradeSanta launched cryto trading apps for both Android and iOS to help users track and manage their bots 24/7 regardless of their location. 

Trading strategies offered by TradeSanta

The platform works with both long and short strategies, as well as the grid, martingale, and DCA strategies. It also facilitates the execution of extra orders to help you make profits in case fluctuations in the market don’t support your first strategy. The software includes technical indicators like Bollinger signals, RSI, and MACD to ensure you enter the market at the optimal point. 

How TradeSanta pricing works

TradeSanta offers three distinct pricing plans. The Basic package is $25/month or 15/month if paid yearly, and gives you access to 49 bots. An Advanced plan is available at a cost of $45/month or $324/year. It includes 99 bots and extra features like trailing take profit and TradingView signals for Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi, and Binance. 

You can obtain the Maximum pack at $70/month or $35/month if paid annually. The plan offers an unlimited number of bots and features you wouldn’t find in the other plans, like Binance Futures and custom TradingView signals. All subscription plans provide access to an unlimited number of pairs, all strategies, and Telegram notifications. There’s a free trial for those who would want to test the service first before spending real money. 

Fees & commissions

The platform does not ask traders to pay any fees on trades. However, it charges a commission equivalent to $5. 

Available exchanges

Here is a full list of the exchanges the bot supports:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Bybit
  • Binance Futures
  • HitBTC
  • Okx
  • Coinbase Pro

TradeSanta company overview

Although there’s no basic info about the company of this service, the devs say they are on a mission to make all traders access automated crypto trading to make profits.

TradeSanta time in business

TradeSanta came to this market in 2018 and has supposedly recruited thousands of crypto traders to date. 

Customer support and user experience

You can communicate with the support team utilizing email or the official Telegram chat. An online form is also available to help you send feedback relating to the service. Other resources like video tutorials, user guides, blog articles, and FAQs are provided to enable you navigate the platform easily . 

Security, safety, and privacy

The vendor claims to care about the safety of your personal info and that’s why it carries out frequent security audits of the TradeSanta website. The platform also ensures it only works with reputable exchanges that maintain high security standards. Furthermore, the bot interacts with the exchanges through encrypted API keys, so it cannot access or withdraw your funds. For extra security, you are advised to use a strong password and enable 2FA.

Is TradeSanta for all traders?

Yes, it is. Whether you are new to crypto trading or a veteran, TradeSanta has made the process of automated trading as easy as possible. It comes with ready-made bots, configurable parameters, and strategies, which you can apply to your trading effortlessly. What’s more, the platform supports mirror trading to allow newbies copy settings and strategies from experienced traders to optimize their income. 

TradeSanta Crypto Bot

TradeSanta can help you trade like a pro thanks to its powerful terminal that offers multiple strategies and automated bots. The integration of a stop loss also ensures that you don’t lose money anyhow, so you are able to optimize your earnings. Moreover, you can track your trades wherever you are using the dashboard and mobile app.

Core Features


Supported Exchanges


Fees and Commissions


Brand Reputation




  • +Has a mobile app and dashboard
  • +Supports copy trading
  • +Offers multiple bots and strategies
  • +A risk management system is available


  • -Real profitability rate is unknown
  • -Vendor is anonymous
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