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The 5%ers’ Trading Program is designed with the trader’s success in mind. It provides an opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital, eliminating the risk of personal financial loss. Traders are offered a generous profit split, with up to 50% of the profits going to the trader, a percentage rarely seen in the industry. The program also boasts of a flexible trading style, allowing traders to apply any strategy that suits their trading style, whether it be scalping, swing trading, or long-term. The 5%ers’ commitment to the growth of their traders is evident in their offering of personal growth plans, which include performance evaluations, feedback, and educational resources. However, it’s worth noting that the firm has a strict risk management policy, meaning traders who exceed the drawdown limit may be disqualified. Overall, The 5%ers Trading Program presents a compelling opportunity for traders to capitalize on their expertise while minimizing their financial risk.


The 5%ers’ Trading Program offers a host of distinctive features that set it apart in the competitive realm of proprietary trading firms.

  1. Generous profit split: Providing up to 50% of profits to the trader, The 5%ers offers one of the most generous profit-sharing schemes in the industry.
  2. Zero personal financial risk: Traders are not required to invest their personal funds. Instead, they trade using the firm’s capital, eliminating the risk of personal financial loss.
  3. Flexible trading style: The firm permits traders to employ any trading strategy that fits their style, including scalping, swing trading, and long-term trading.
  4. Personal growth plans: These include regular performance evaluations, constructive feedback, and educational resources to help traders improve and grow.
  5. Risk management policy: A stringent risk management policy is in place to ensure traders do not exceed the drawdown limit.

These features combine to make The 5%ers an appealing choice for those looking to advance their trading careers. However, the firm’s strict risk management policies necessitate careful trading practices.

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Success Stories and Testimonials

The 5%ers’ performance is not only evident in its distinctive offerings but also in the success stories and testimonials from its community of traders.

John, a full-time trader from the UK, shares, “With The 5%ers, I was able to transition from part-time to full-time trading. Their profit-sharing scheme is unparalleled, and their commitment to my growth has made a difference in refining my trading strategies.”

Another trader, Maria from Spain, asserts, “Trading with The 5%ers has been a game-changer for me. The risk of personal financial loss is eliminated, allowing me to focus solely on my trading. Their educational resources are also top-notch.”

From the US, experienced trader Michael says, “The 5%ers’ flexible trading style and generous profit split have been instrumental in my trading success. Their strict risk management policy has taught me to trade with discipline.”

These testimonials reflect the high regard held for The 5%ers by its traders, reinforcing its reputation as a top choice for forex traders worldwide. The freedom to trade without fear of personal financial loss, generous profit-sharing, and educational resources have all been frequently praised. However, it’s clear that success with The 5%ers also requires discipline and adherence to the firm’s risk management policies.

Training and Support

The 5%ers understand the importance of continuous learning and growth in the fast-paced world of forex trading. Hence, they offer an extensive array of training resources and support services to their traders. From detailed educational materials and webinars to one-on-one coaching sessions, The 5%ers ensures that their traders are well-equipped with the latest strategies and market insights. They also have a dedicated support team that is easily accessible and responsive, ready to assist with any trading concerns or technical issues. It’s these value-added offerings that further enhance the trader’s journey with The 5%ers, making it not just a trading platform, but a learning platform that fosters professional growth and development.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of traders on The 5%ers platform is rigorously evaluated to not only ensure compliance with the firm’s trading policies but also to identify areas of improvement and growth. This continuous evaluation is a key part of The 5%ers’ commitment to nurturing the skills and expertise of their traders. As part of the evaluation process, trading patterns are analyzed and constructive feedback is provided on aspects such as risk management, strategy effectiveness, and market interpretation. Traders are also apprised of their progress in meeting the profit targets set by the firm. This thorough and transparent evaluation process serves as a valuable learning tool for traders, helping them fine-tune their strategies, improve decision-making, and ultimately, enhance their trading performance. It’s imperative to note that while the evaluation process provides necessary guidance, the onus of maintaining discipline and adhering to the firm’s risk management rules lies with the traders themselves.

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The 5%ers Trading Program stands out among proprietary trading firms with its generous profit-sharing scheme and risk-free trading environment. It also offers a wide range of educational resources, one-on-one coaching sessions, and an extensive performance evaluation process. All these features combine to make it an attractive choice for traders looking to leverage their expertise while minimizing financial losses. As testimonials from its community of traders demonstrate, success with The 5%ers requires a combination of skill and discipline. For those who are willing to take on the challenge, The 5%ers provides an unparalleled opportunity to excel in forex trading. With access to world-class training and support services, traders can be confident they have the tools they need to reach their trading goals.



Risk Management




Educational Resources


Support Services


  • +Generous profit split of up to 50%
  • +Risk-free trading using the firm’s capital
  • +Flexible trading style with no restrictions
  • +Personal growth plans including performance evaluations, feedback, and educational resources
  • +Strict risk management policy
  • +Comprehensive training and support services


  • -Must adhere to strict risk management policy
  • -Must meet the firm’s profit targets
  • -No access to leverage trading or derivatives
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