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NapBots Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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NapBots is an automated crypto trading platform that offers multiple indexes and algorithms. The platform has built-in trading strategies developed by professional traders and claims to provide services to beginners, holders, and day traders. Traders can connect the platform with multiple exchanges and try out the service via a free trial. In this review, we discuss the critical points of NapBots to help investors with their investment decisions.

NapBots: first impression

Even though the platform has a user-friendly interface, beginners can face difficulties due to a lack of proper user documentation. We could not find any evidence of records that could prove its performance.

What’s NapBots?

NapBots is a trading system designed to trade cryptocurrencies with full automation. Traders can create their own bots and provides copy trading to the general marketplace.

Using NapBots

Traders have to use the following steps to run NapBots :

  1. Sign up on the platform and connect to your exchange via an API key
  2. Select one of the ready-made systems and activate it
  3. The bot automatically starts trading on your behalf

The platform has no deposit and withdrawal requirements as it is not an exchange. Users only need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the system.

How to install NapBots software?

Market participants can access the platform through its online website. There is no need to install this software as the service is available online.

What does NapBots have to offer?

NapBots provides multiple services to traders, including multi-exchange integration, copy trading, and several built-in strategies. The platform supports major exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Kraken, Okex, Huobi, and Bitfinex. 

Supported exchanges on NapBots
Supported exchanges on NapBots

Trading strategies offered by NapBots

The automated trading platform offers trend strategy and mean reversion strategies. Traders can also mix up strategies to create their own game plans. 

Available strategies on NapBots
Available strategies on NapBots

How NapBots pricing works 

NapBots is available through various monthly subscriptions. They differ in terms of maximum investment, the number of available algorithms, leverage, etc. The silver plan costs 16 Euros/Month, while the gold plan is priced at 41 Euros/Month. The Platinum plan comes with full features at the expense of 83 Euros/Month. 

The pricing plans
The pricing plans

Fees & commissions

NapBot has no extra fees and commissions as it is not a crypto exchange. As mentioned before, trading algorithms are available via a monthly subscription. 

NapBots company overview

NapBots is a trademark of Napoleon Software. It claims to be featured on top websites such as Forbes, Cointelegraph, Benzinga, and Coindesk. No hyperlinks are available that question the credibility of the developers’ statements.

NapBots on noted websites
NapBots on noted websites

NapBots time in business

NapBots has been providing services since its launch in 2020. Again there are no certified links that could show prove the statements.

NapBots mission
NapBots mission

Customer support and user experience

According to developers, customer support is available via tutorials, education guides, and one-on-one support. The NapBots team comments that they quickly help customers and entertain their complaints. The user interface is complex for general traders, and important tags are at the bottom of the website, which makes it hard for users to access it. 

Security, safety, and privacy

According to the authors, the user assets are kept secure on their exchanges. The withdrawal rights remain with traders.

Safety of NapBots
Safety of NapBots

Is NapBots for all traders?

NapBot is best suited for amateur traders with sound market knowledge. Investors should have a good understanding of the risks that come with the use of averaging strategies.

NapBots Crypto Bot

NapBots is a relatively new platform that uses a risky grid strategy. The bot does not come with a detailed user manual nor has verified live records. Moreover, the developers are not keen to share the details of their portfolio or market experience.

Core Features


Supported Exchanges


Fees and Commissions


Brand Reputation




  • +Multiple subscription plans


  • -Slightly high price
  • -Complex user interface for beginners
  • -Limited support for exchanges
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