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4C-Trading Review: Can You Make Money With It?

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4C-Trading is a crypto trading platform offering smart bots that helps in successful trading letting you enjoy the profits without hassle. This service supports the Binance exchange. The bots are fully automated and take over the trading 24/7. Channel and community chat, on-demand analysis, and daily BTC updates are provided. You get to learn and share strategies using the Trade Room feature.

4C-Trading: first impression

As per the vendor, the system works round the clock making calculated decisions. You do not need to have prior experience to use the bots. Although the vendor claims that the system has a proven track record, we could not find a verified performance report. 

What’s 4C-Trading?

The platform aims to provide the best crypto trading experience with its top-notch services. They include automated trades, market analysis, price alerts, account monitoring, training support, and more. 

Using 4C-Trading

The smart bots of the platform are designed to do all the hard work of analyzing the market. You can trade on BTC, BNB, ETH, and SOL using the bots. Since the software is used for trading purposes only, there are no withdrawal or deposit requirements. All funds are handled by the exchange.

How to install 4C-Trading software? 

Installation and use of the software are simple. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Subscribe to the service
  2. Make an API key on your exchange
  3. Connect your exchange account to the dashboard
  4. Now the smart bots will start placing trades for you

What does 4C-Trading have to offer?

The main features that the platform offers are:

 Smart bots

The bots are fully automated and perfect for trading ETH, BTC, LINK, BNB, and SOL. They use effective algorithms to increase your capital.

Smart margin

With the help of efficient bots, the platform offers accurate and precise margin signals. Users stand to profit more from the robust signals.

4C dashboard

The dashboard allows access to all features of the platform. You can manage your trades, monitor your investments, etc. with the setup.

Trading strategies offered by 4C-Trading

As per the vendor, a confidentiality clause prevents them from revealing the strategies used by the platform.  The vendor assures that the approaches are well-tested and updated continuously as per the market conditions.

How 4C-Trading pricing works 

For using the service, there are three plans to choose from. A beginner plan ($59/month), an Advanced ($139/month), and an expert ($179/month) plan are available. Features provided include full access to market analysis, chat, channels, bots, and trade signals. The plans differ in the maximum capital needed which ranges from $2500 to $10,000. A 7-day free trial is present. When compared to the market average, we find the pricing is very expensive.

Fees & commissions

The company does not charge fees or commissions for trading. Other than the subscription plans, there are no other hidden charges.

Available exchanges

Binance is the only exchange this platform supports. 

4C-Trading company overview

The company comprises a team of pioneer crypto traders with the main office situated in the financial hub of Europe -Belgium. Benjamin Duval is the founder and CEO of the company and Julien is the co-founder. 

4C-Trading time in business

We could not find info on the founding year of the company as the vendor does not provide the details. 

Customer support and user experience

For support, a FAQ section, a blog, an email address, and links to social media networks such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Medium are present. The user interface is intuitive making it a friendly platform for all types of traders.

Security, safety, and privacy?

API keys are used by the platform to link to the exchange account so your funds are well-protected and are not accessible to the service or any other third party. The vendor does not provide security details concerning the protection of user data and privacy.

Is 4C-Trading for all traders?

The user-friendly design, automated bots, free trial, and support are benefits that make the service ideal for beginners. However professional players will find the features mediocre.

4C-Trading Crypto Bot

4C-Trading claims to provide efficient bots that help in profitable trading. Our review reveals that the vendor does not provide verified performance proof. Other downsides of the system are the expensive pricing, lack of a refund offer, and minimal exchange support.

Core Features


Supported Exchanges


Fees and Commissions


Brand Reputation




  • +Fully automated bots
  • +Free trial


  • -Expensive pricing
  • -No refund policy
  • -Limited exchange support
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