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Belkaglazer EA Review: Things You Need to Know Before Investing

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Belkaglazer EA uses a diverse range of strategies to ensure high returns. It can work on different markets including Crypto, Forex, FORTS, and Indices. This fully automated system uses four models with clear logic namely Pivot, PriceAction, PriceChannel, and PRNG. The platform can use a wide range of approaches including momentum, mean reversion, etc. Dmitriy Shal is the author of this FX EA. He has programming skills and holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics. 

Belkaglazer EA trading strategy

As per the developer, the current list of approaches it uses includes the breakout, momentum, and mean reversion methods. An explanation is present for each of the methods on the official site. The various models the system uses are also explained with backtesting images. Order entries and exits are generated by an algorithm that includes a combination of model and filters which are executed in the form of limit/stop/market format. Other setting criteria used include TP, SL, Time stop, trailing stop, etc. 

Belkaglazer EA backtesting report

There are images of backtests done for the different models. But the developer does not provide a detailed report of the tests so we are unable to analyze the system.

Belkaglazer EA live results

A real USD account is present for this FX EA verified by the Myfxbook site. The account using IC Markets broker and the leverage of 1:500 on the MT4 platform is shown below:

Growth curve of Belkaglazer EA on the Myfxbook site
Growth curve of Belkaglazer EA on the Myfxbook site
Trading stats of Belkaglazer EA on the Myfxbook site
Trading stats of Belkaglazer EA on the Myfxbook site

From the above screenshots, the account shows a total gain of 134.25% and an absolute profit of 145.27%. The daily and monthly profits are 0.05% and 1.60% respectively. A drawdown of 41.62% is present for the account that started with a deposit of $120 in October 2017. A total of 991 trades have been executed with 69% profitability and a profit factor value of 1.10. From the trading history, we can see a lot size of 0.03 is used. The high drawdown and big lot size indicate a risky approach. Further, from the growth curve, we can see the growth is not consistent with the recent data showing a downward spiral. From the stats, it is clear that risk management is not proper. 

Some features of Belkaglazer EA

Some of the key features of this ATS that make it competitive as per the developer are:

  • The FX robot uses a CBOE filter and an advanced news filter.
  • It works with various money management methods but does not use risky methods like hedging, Martingale, and grid.
  • The settings and strategies are customizable as they are designed with clear logic.
  • Additional options are present which you can configure if required.
  • It works on multiple currency pairs based on the type of approach and model used.

There is no info on the recommended deposit, timeframe, leverage, and brokers. 

Total return134.25%
Maximal drawdown 41.62%
Average monthly gain 1.60%
Created, year2016
TypeMultiple strategies
Lot sizeN/A
Recommended depositN/A
Recommended brokersIC Markets
Currency pairsMultiple currency pairs

Main things to consider if you invest with Belkaglazer EA

If you are interested in this EA, then you need to pay attention to:

High drawdown

From the verified real trading results, we find the drawdown is high indicating a risky approach. Despite the use of various models and strategies, the system shows a considerable drawdown which can put your capital at risk

Money management

The lot size used is high denoting risky money management. The low profits seen in the verified results along with the inconsistent growth indicate ineffective money management.

Multiple strategies

A portfolio of approaches is used by the expert advisor which according to the author can lower the drawdown and leverage.

Pricing details

We could not find info on the pricing for this FX EA on the official site. However, the MQL5 site indicates that EA will cost $19,999. We could not find further info on the package. There is no refund offer present. When compared to the market average, the pricing is exorbitant.

Other notes

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed review sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc.

Belkaglazer EA Summary

Belkaglazer EA uses diverse approaches and models to ensure high returns and minimal losses. The EA has live verified results as performance proof. Our evaluation of the results reveals a risky approach indicated by the high drawdown, big lot size, and inconsistent profits. Further, the expensive pricing and the lack of a refund offer are other drawbacks in this FX EA.









Trading Results


Vendor Transparency


  • +Uses multiple strategies
  • +Verified results


  • -High drawdown and big lot size used in real trading
  • -No backtest report provided
  • -Extremely high price
  • -No refund offer
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