Zara Withdraws Advertising Campaign Amid Controversy

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By Andrea Figueras

Zara, the popular fashion brand, has decided to remove images from its advertising campaign following backlash from pro-Palestinian activists. The activists called for a boycott, claiming that the images depicted scenes reminiscent of Gaza during the recent Israel-Hamas conflict.

The campaign, titled “The Jacket” and belonging to Zara’s “Atelier” collection, featured sculptures with missing limbs and mannequins without arms set amidst a backdrop of rubble. One particular image showed a model carrying a mannequin wrapped in a white sheet, which some activists interpreted as resembling a corpse.

In response to the outcry, users of the social media platform X expressed their discontent using the hashtag #BoycottZara.

Acknowledging the controversy, Zara, a subsidiary of the Spanish fashion giant Inditex, issued a statement on Instagram. The brand stated that some customers found the images offensive and believed they deviated from their original artistic intent.

However, Zara declined to comment any further and has since removed the link to the Atelier collection.

According to the company, the campaign was conceptualized in July and photographed in September. It aimed to showcase craftmade garments within an artistic context, featuring images of unfinished sculptures in a sculptor’s studio.

Zara expressed regret over the misunderstanding and reaffirmed its deep respect for everyone involved.

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