Thailand Stocks Rise

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The Thailand SET Index increased by 0.3% to reach 1,393.38 on Tuesday.

Top Performers

During the session, JMT Network Services, a business/consumer services company, emerged as the biggest leader, with a significant 9.7% rise. Sino-Thai Engg & Constr, a real estate/construction firm, also performed well, experiencing an 8.1% increase. Sky ICT, operating in the business/consumer services space, secured a spot among the top three leaders with a 6.1% increase in its shares.

Declining Stocks

On the other hand, AIRA Capital, a financial services firm, experienced the largest decline, falling by 7.4%, while shares of media/entertainment company Super Turtle dropped by 5.7%. Major Cineplex Group, a leisure/arts/hospitality company, also faced a decline of 2.8%.

Southeast Asia Market Overview

In Southeast Asia, Singapore’s FTSE Straits Times Index rose by 0.1%, and Malaysia’s FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI increased by 1.3%. Similarly, the Philippines’ PSEi Index witnessed a rise of 0.3%. However, Indonesia’s JSX Composite Index fell by 1.2%.

Asia-Pacific Region Updates

The NIKKEI 225 Index of Japanese companies experienced a significant gain of 2.9%. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange and China’s Shanhai stock exchange remained closed.

In South Korea, the KOSPI Composite Index added 1.1%, while Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Benchmark Index declined by 0.1% in Australian stocks.

Currency Updates

The U.S. dollar fell by 0.4% to 35.72 Thai baht, and the euro declined by 0.5% to 38.44 baht.

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