Thai Stock Market Report: Steady Performance

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The composite Thailand SET Index SET closed at 1386.70, maintaining its stability on Friday. Throughout the session, AIRA Capital emerged as the top performer, registering an impressive surge of 15.7%. Following closely behind, Thai Credit Bank saw a significant increase of 5.5%. Xiaomi Corp., operating in the technology sector, also showcased a strong performance with shares rising by 5.0%.

However, there were a few companies that faced a decline in their stock prices. Indorama Ventures, a basic materials/resources firm, experienced the largest decline at 4.9%. Delta Electronics, an industrial goods company, followed closely behind with a decrease of 4.6%. Cal-Comp Electronics also encountered a decline of 4.5%.

Moving beyond Thailand, other countries in Southeast Asia witnessed diverse stock market movements. Singapore’s FTSE Straits Times Index rose by 1.3%, while Malaysia’s FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI increased by 0.3%. On the other hand, the Philippines’ PSEi Index saw a slight decline of 0.1%, and Indonesia’s JSX Composite Index rose by 0.4%.

Shifting our focus to other parts of the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index witnessed a significant growth of 2.5%, whereas Japan’s NIKKEI 225 Index experienced a rise of 0.9%. It’s worth mentioning that China’s Shanghai stock exchange remained closed.

In South Korea, the KOSPI Composite Index demonstrated an upward trend with a rise of 1.3% in South Korean stocks. Similarly, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Benchmark Index also experienced positive growth, increasing by 0.7%.

As for the currency market, the U.S. dollar fell slightly by 0.1% against the Thai baht, with the exchange rate reaching 36.03. Furthermore, the euro also decreased by 0.1%, resulting in a rate of 38.81 baht.

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