TAG Immobilien Appoints Co-CEOs

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TAG Immobilien, a German real estate firm, has appointed Claudia Hoyer and Martin Thiel as its first co-chief executive officers. Hoyer and Thiel have been leading the company as a two-member management board since 2022, and will now assume the role of co-CEOs while continuing their positions as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, respectively.

Continuity and Long-term Commitment

Hoyer’s contract has been extended on a long-term basis until June 30, 2027, highlighting the company’s commitment to continuity in leadership. Similarly, Thiel’s contract has been extended by five years until March 31, 2029, ensuring stability and long-term vision for TAG Immobilien.

Introduction of Co-CEO Position

This new appointment marks the introduction of the co-CEO position within TAG Immobilien. Previously, the company was managed jointly by the board of directors. The last CEO position was active until September 2014.

Strengthening the Supervisory Board

In addition to the CEO appointments, TAG Immobilien has also strengthened its supervisory board. Eckhard Schultz has been appointed to the board until the upcoming Annual General Meeting in May 2024. Schultz brings extensive experience from his previous roles as chief financial officer and Deputy CEO at LEG Immobilien. The board also includes two employee representatives, Bjoern Eifler and Beate Schulz, maintaining a 33% women quota.

TAG Immobilien continues to solidify its leadership team and shape its future with these strategic appointments.

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