Nordstar Capital and Postmedia Terminate Merger Discussions

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Toronto Star owner Nordstar Capital and Postmedia Network Canada have announced the termination of their merger discussions, citing a failure to reach an agreement. The proposed merger aimed to consolidate various Canadian news properties, including the National Post and the Toronto Star, with the goal of reducing debt.

The Rational Behind the Deal

When the deal was initially announced in late June, Postmedia Chief Executive Andrew MacLeod explained that the objective was to establish an entity with less debt while possessing a national digital scale that could compete with global technology giants. Additionally, the merger aimed to create economies of scale.

Regulatory and Financial Uncertainty Leads to Decision

Both Postmedia and Nordstar acknowledged that uncertainty surrounding regulatory and financial matters contributed to the ultimate decision to end negotiations. These challenges likely posed significant obstacles to the successful completion of the merger.

Impact of Tech Giants’ Actions

The industry has recently faced significant disruption following the actions taken by U.S. technology giants Alphabet and Meta. Both companies decided to remove Canadian news content from their sites and apps due to the Canadian government’s proposed bill, C-18. This bill seeks to obligate tech companies to pay for posting news stories on their platforms. As a result, accessing Canadian news will become more difficult for readers within the country.

Response from Postmedia and Torstar

In response to the tech blockade, Postmedia has temporarily suspended all direct company advertising on Meta, Facebook, and Instagram. Similarly, Torstar, which encompasses the Toronto Star and Metroland Media Group, has also halted advertising on these platforms.

Jordan Bitove, owner of Nordstar and publisher of the Toronto Star, emphasized Torstar’s commitment to addressing the existential threats faced by journalism in Canada. These threats have been further magnified by Meta and Google’s announcements to block access to Canadian news.

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