Naver Expects Impressive Q4 Results

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Naver, the South Korean internet platform giant, is set to announce its fourth-quarter results on Friday. Analysts are predicting significant growth for the company in key areas:

Revenue Growth

According to a consensus forecast compiled by FactSet, Naver is expected to report a 14% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year.

Net Profit

The consensus among analysts is that Naver’s net profit for the quarter will more than double, reaching KRW357.92 billion ($268.1 million).

Stock Performance

During the quarter, Naver’s stock experienced an 11% increase, reaching KRW224,000. It has since traded 1.1% higher at KRW202,500.

Key Factors to Watch

Investors and analysts will be closely monitoring several key factors to gauge Naver’s overall performance:

Record Annual Revenue

Investors are interested to see if Naver’s strong quarterly growth will result in record annual revenue for the company. The consensus estimate suggests that Naver’s 2023 revenue could increase by 18%, reaching a record KRW9.711 trillion.

Flagship Business Performance

Naver’s performance in its flagship business, which includes search-platform and display advertisements, will be of particular interest, especially considering the recovery in online advertising within the country.

Growth in Other Business Areas

Investors will also closely watch Naver’s performance in its fast-growing e-commerce, paid-content, and cloud-computing businesses.

With these anticipated results, Naver is expected to maintain its position as a key player in the South Korean internet market.

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