LPL Financial Fined $3 Million for Ignoring Warning Signs

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LPL Financial, a leading brokerage firm, has agreed to pay a $3 million fine to settle allegations of misconduct. The accusations include ignoring warning signs of suspicious transfers of funds and failing to adequately supervise two brokers who misappropriated millions of dollars from clients’ accounts.

Allegations and Findings

Finra further revealed that LPL did not have a proper supervisory system in place to detect potential forgeries of client signatures. Shockingly, at least 50 LPL representatives signed over 1,000 documents using other individuals’ names.

Response and Restitution

The majority of clients affected by these fraudulent activities have already been reimbursed promptly. As part of the settlement, LPL Financial will pay an additional $100,000 in restitution, on top of the $3 million fine.

LPL Financial’s Commitment to Compliance

LPL Financial acknowledges its compliance obligations and has taken significant steps to address the underlying issues related to this case. The company has made substantial investments in improving its supervision system to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

“LPL takes its compliance obligations seriously and has made investments to address the underlying issues related to this matter,” stated an LPL spokeswoman. “The firm fully cooperated with regulators to resolve and remediate this matter.”

Details of Misconduct

In one instance highlighted by Finra, a registered representative convinced nine clients, including five seniors, to write checks from their LPL accounts. These checks were made payable to an entity controlled by the representative, without disclosing the relationship to the clients. The representative claimed that the money would be invested, but instead, he used the funds for personal and business expenses.

It is vital for brokerage firms and financial institutions to prioritize the security and protection of their clients’ assets. Instances like these underscore the importance of robust supervision systems and strict adherence to compliance standards.

Uncovering Financial Misconduct at LPL

A Disturbing Pattern Emerges

The second instance of financial misconduct at LPL Financial was separate from the first, yet remarkably similar. According to a letter from Finra outlining the settlement, the second representative convinced four clients, three of whom were seniors, to wire money from their LPL accounts to an outside entity he controlled. Ostensibly, the funds were meant for investment purposes.

In addition, it was discovered that this second representative had forged the signature of another elderly client in order to transfer a staggering $1.2 million to a law firm for a real-estate purchase he was involved in.

Flawed Verification System

Finra alleges that LPL’s automated system for verifying transmittals of clients’ funds to third parties was designed in such a way that it failed to flag checks sent to addresses affiliated with their representatives. Consequently, the firm’s system missed red flags and failed to raise suspicions when the representatives were transferring clients’ funds to accounts under their control.

Overlooking Red Flags

Finra further states that all 25 checks routed through the first representative were addressed to a “does business as” (DBA) address known to be associated with the rep. Moreover, five of those checks had even been reviewed by an LPL examiner during a branch-office examination. Yet, despite these glaring red flags, the firm failed to reasonably investigate the possibility of misconduct.

Similarly, LPL’s compliance department flagged seven transfers made by the second representative. However, they neglected to connect the dots and realize that the rep was listed as the CEO of the outside business where the payments were being sent.

Oversight Failures

Despite being questioned about the wire transfers in August 2020, the firm simply accepted the second representative’s claim that the wires represented unsolicited investments by his customers, without further scrutiny.


These disturbing instances of financial misconduct at LPL Financial highlight the need for stronger oversight and improved systems for verifying transmittals of clients’ funds. Finra’s investigation has exposed systemic failures within the firm, underscoring the importance of taking prompt and decisive action to protect investors and ensure the integrity of the financial services industry.

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