Joint Statement on Support to the State of Israel

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President Joe Biden, along with the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom, collectively known as the Quint, came together on Monday to address the recent situation. In a joint statement released on White House letterhead, President Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Georgia Meloni, and Rishi Sunak expressed their unwavering and united support to the State of Israel.

The joint letter emphasized a strong opposition to terrorism in general and specifically condemned the extremist organization Hamas. It highlighted that Hamas does not represent the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Reacting to the weekend attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to take decisive measures against Hamas-ruled Gaza. He stated that Israel’s response would have long-lasting repercussions and that Hamas, along with its governing abilities, would face destruction.

President Biden strongly denounced the Hamas attack as “unconscionable” and affirmed Israel’s right to defend itself and its people unequivocally.

Full Text of Joint Statement:

We, the undersigned leaders of the Quint, affirm our unwavering support for the State of Israel.

  1. We condemn all forms of terrorism, and in particular, we firmly denounce the extremist organization Hamas. It is crucial to stress that Hamas does not represent the desires and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

  2. We stand with Israel in its right to defend itself and its people against any threats or attacks.

President Joe Biden Emmanuel Macron Olaf Scholz Georgia Meloni Rishi Sunak

United Support for Israel

Today, we — President Macron of France, Chancellor Scholz of Germany, Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, Prime Minister Sunak of the United Kingdom, and President Biden of the United States — express our steadfast and united support to the State of Israel, and our unequivocal condemnation of Hamas and its appalling acts of terrorism.

A Firm Stand Against Terrorism

We make it clear that the terrorist actions of Hamas have no justification, no legitimacy, and must be universally condemned. Terrorism can never be justified.

Horrific Acts Committed by Hamas

In recent days, the world has watched in horror as Hamas terrorists massacred families in their homes, slaughtered over 200 young people enjoying a music festival, and kidnapped elderly women, children, and entire families, who are now being held as hostages. These actions are despicable and unforgivable.

Solidarity with Israel

Our countries stand united in supporting Israel in its efforts to defend itself and its people against such atrocities. We emphasize that this is not a moment for any party hostile to Israel to exploit these attacks to seek advantage.

Recognition of Aspirations for Justice and Freedom

All of us recognize the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, and support equal measures of justice and freedom for Israelis and Palestinians alike. However, it is important to make no mistake: Hamas does not represent those aspirations, and it offers nothing for the Palestinian people other than more terror and bloodshed.

United and Coordinated: Allies for Israel’s Security

The unity and coordination among us, as staunch allies and common friends of Israel, are paramount. Our collective goal is to guarantee Israel’s ability to defend itself and, ultimately, pave the way for a peaceful and integrated Middle East region.

Standing Strong Together

During these forthcoming days, we will stay united, reinforcing our commitment to our shared cause. Solidarity and teamwork are the driving forces behind our endeavors to support Israel’s security and well-being.

A Peaceful and Integrated Middle East

By remaining closely connected and working in unison, we can foster an environment conducive to lasting peace in the Middle East. Through our consolidated efforts, we strive to create an integrated region where mutual understanding and harmony prevail.

Let us stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, as we navigate towards a safer and more prosperous future for Israel and the entire Middle East region.

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