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Hans Olav Brenner

Chief legal officer

Jurisprudence is the most mysterious direction in which there are always many secrets. Only some people know what its representatives are doing, so we must draw information exclusively from films. Why do lawyers hide their work so carefully, why is it called boring, and what happens outside of our field of vision? We will discuss all this with Mr. Hans Olav Brenner, who represents TechBerry and holds the position of Chief Legal Officer.

– Glad to welcome you, Mr. Brenner. I have always liked jokes about lawyers. Tell me, are the representatives of your profession really like those shown in these funny stories?

– Everything is a little exaggerated in the jokes, but there is some truth in them. People representing jurisprudence should be treated more loyally. We have a very unusual job that changes our perception of various things and leads to the so-called professional transformation.

– Can you tell us a little more about it?

– Certainly. If we take the situation, any profession leaves its mark on a person and his life. Lawyers have a much larger imprint, so we are sometimes called peculiar people with their vision of a particular situation. Even during my studies, my teacher said that jurisprudence is a parasitism on all the bad qualities that a person has. Now I understand that he was 100% right. Each member of our profession has a particular set of sins that we constantly have to face to face.

– What specific sins do TechBerry’s legal department experts test for strength?

– First, it is envy, and in the second, greed. You see, our company is the creator of unique products. Our developments are a tasty morsel for most envious competitors who try to get access to them by any means because of their greed. Our task is to identify and suppress such threats timely.

Everything is much more interesting than I thought.

It’s more important than interesting. I can tell you that our work has a few exciting moments. We do the same daily tasks, studying various laws and legal documents. The only thing that can attract an outsider’s attention is the opportunity to constantly learn something new and develop your abilities in the field of jurisprudence. You and other ordinary people must understand that TechBerry has a wide presence worldwide. This is very good but adds much work to the legal department. We need to consider the peculiarities of different countries’ legislation and form a model that will be accepted in all cities and regions.

– It isn’t easy, but quite intriguing.

– Most likely, you are right. However, it should be understood that our other work could be more exciting and intriguing. At least, it seems so to me. The professional transformation I mentioned has dramatically changed my preferences, so I may not see some exciting things. If we briefly evaluate our work, representatives of the legal department are present wherever there is at least one mention of laws.

– Fabulous. I am gradually becoming a fan of jurisprudence.

– I do not advise you to do this. Our direction will only interest those who have devoted their whole lives to it. I recently attended a Labor Day event at my son’s school. So, there the children reacted with great enthusiasm to the professions of doctors and firefighters, almost completely ignoring the work of lawyers.

– In my opinion, this is wrong. Let me ask you about the goals. What are they?

– Since I started working at TechBerry, it seems that I have already achieved my main goal. Our company is several steps ahead of the competition, and it is a pleasure to participate in this project. Knowing the features of the direction we have chosen, I am sure that the amount of work I have will increase daily. Therefore, I will not be bored for 20-30 years.

– Are there any laws that regulate the work of the company today?

– Of course, there are, but not all relate directly to our activities. The fact is that some countries live according to the laws of a century or a thousand years ago. Naturally, they do not mention companies providing services in social trading. Therefore, we are still determining exactly what we may face tomorrow. Today we face serious challenges for which the legal department of TechBerry is perfectly prepared.

– What is your head busy with, except for jurisprudence? It could be digital.

– And them as well. I consider myself a comprehensively developed person, so my areas of interest go far beyond jurisprudence. Now I pay more attention to global things I was not interested in before. I’m not the only one doing this. Legislative bodies of various countries also pay attention to global processes and try to control them in every possible way. However, they make decisions rather slowly, so we must always be ahead of the competition. Only in this way will we influence the process and be able to propose our own rules of the game. This approach allows laws to be more transparent and less harsh about everyone.

– All this affects the interests of TechBerry or not?

– Of course, it does; otherwise, I would be doing other things. The interests of the company always come first for me. I can’t imagine my future career without TechBerry. I like the company’s philosophy, ambitious plans, and the opportunity to work in a team of professionals. With this approach, new challenges will regularly appear before us. I am not afraid of it, but on the contrary, I look forward to every opportunity to demonstrate my potential.

– At the end of the interview, I couldn’t help but ask about my plans for the future. What is TechBerry preparing for us, and how interesting will it be for the company’s customers?

– Sorry, but I have no right to reveal secrets. The only thing I can tell you is that you can be sure that the company’s products will continue to improve and become more and more qualitative every time. I like the ongoing processes, so I will gladly support any decision of our leadership that will bring TechBerry to a level unattainable to competitors.

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