Holiday Gift Guide: Top Tech Products for 2021

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Hi everyone. Shopping for family and friends can get stressful during the holiday season. To help you find the perfect gift this year, I pulled together a list of my favorite technology products—things I’ve bought myself and use all the time. They come with my highest recommendations, and I’m confident they’ll be a hit with your loved ones, as well. Here we go:

Modern Note-Taking with Kindle Scribe

For years, my working process has been decidedly old school. I use a ballpoint pen and legal pads to jot down notes, resulting in disorganized piles of paper all over on my desk. I still prefer to print long documents as reading on a computer screen gives me eye fatigue.

Thankfully, Amazon’s Kindle Scribe—the company’s latest and largest e-ink reader—offers a modern solution in both areas. Amazon’s e-ink displays have long been a better way than an iPad or computer monitor to read digital documents and books. The Scribe also improves upon other Kindles thanks to its 10.2-inch high-resolution display.

Note-Taking Made Easy

Unlike other Kindles, the Scribe is also designed for note-taking. The included stylus offers the feel and sounds of writing on paper, all with no lag. I bought the Premium stylus with an eraser and shortcut button, but the Basic stylus bundle, which costs $30 less, works just as well.

Seamless Integration and Convenience

A fantastic Chrome browser extension allows you to send any webpage to the Scribe for later reading. And users can upload PDF reports on Amazon’s website to read on the device. The process is seamless and convenient.

Improved Productivity with Kindle Scribe

The Scribe may become my favorite technology purchase in years. It improves my productivity by centralizing all my notes, making them instantly accessible anywhere, while at the same time saving my eyesight.

14‑inch MacBook Pro with 16 GBs of RAM ($1,800 and up)

The 14-inch MacBook Pro is widely regarded as the top choice when it comes to purchasing a computer. Its stunning design and robust construction make it exceptionally durable. Furthermore, the buzz surrounding Apple’s in-house chips is well-founded. This laptop provides lightning-fast performance while remaining whisper-quiet.

While the MacBook Air is a viable option, investing in the Pro model is definitely worth it. The Pro offers additional ports and superior performance. However, it’s crucial not to skimp on memory. Despite Apple’s claims, eight gigabytes of RAM just won’t cut it. Opt for at least 16 GBs for optimal performance.

PlayStation 5 ($450)

Sony has consistently dominated the videogame industry, and this year is no exception. The PlayStation 5 remains the unparalleled choice for console gaming due to its extensive library of high-quality software. From Sony’s exclusive titles to notable third-party games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Diablo IV, and Hogwarts Legacy, the PS5 delivers an exceptional gaming experience.

What’s more, this year marks a significant milestone. The PS5 will be readily available in stores throughout the holiday season, putting an end to the previous scarcity caused by the pandemic.

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp ($60)

In a year filled with blockbuster game releases, there is one title that hasn’t received the recognition it deserves: Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp.

This game is a remake of a turn-based war strategy classic from almost two decades ago. Imagine combining chess with traditional board games like Risk or Stratego. In Advance Wars, you take charge of a cartoon army and strategize your way to victory against enemy generals.

Not only does Advance Wars possess the same addictive gameplay as the original 2001 release, but it also boasts greatly enhanced graphics and animations.

These are my top four tech gifts of the year. Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything. I’m always on the lookout for underrated gadgets.

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