Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Defends Stance on Walt Disney Co.

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Protecting the Innocence of Our Kids

During a recent debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stood his ground in defense of his highly publicized battle against the Walt Disney Co. However, his rival Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley criticized his handling of the situation.

In response to a question about whether his feud with Disney contradicted the conservative belief in limited government, DeSantis emphasized the importance of protecting children’s innocence. He stated, “The proper role of government, if it means anything, it’s to protect our kids, and I’ve stood for the innocence of our kids. It is wrong to sexualize the curriculum.”

This conflict arose when Disney publicly opposed a new Florida law, passed in 2022, that prohibited teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity in early grades. Critics referred to this law as the “Don’t Say Gay” measure. DeSantis championed the legislation and retaliated by taking control of a district previously overseen by Disney.

DeSantis further explained, “It’s wrong to tell a kindergartener, like Disney wanted to do, that you can change your gender, or tell a third-grader that you’re born in the wrong body, so I stood up against it. Yeah, the media didn’t like it, the left didn’t like it, and Disney didn’t like it, and they’re the 800-pound gorilla in the state of Florida. Most people, most corporate Republicans, would have caved. I stood and I fought for the kids.”

Nikki Haley: The “Wokeness” of Disney

In response to DeSantis’ remarks, Nikki Haley referred to Disney as being “woke for a long time.” She suggested that DeSantis only began his fight against the company when it criticized him due to his “thin skin.” Haley disagreed with this approach, stating that it was not the right way to address the situation.


The debate showcased a clash of opinions between DeSantis and Haley regarding DeSantis’ battle against the Walt Disney Co. While DeSantis championed the protection of children’s innocence, Haley criticized his response to Disney’s opposition. The conflict between these Republican presidential hopefuls highlights their differing views on the role of government and corporate influence.

Strong Opposition to Government Interference in Private Industries

Former South Carolina Governor and former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Haley, expressed her firm stance against government involvement in private industries. She emphasized the importance of creating a business-friendly environment and inviting businesses to South Carolina. According to Haley, bullying by the government is out of the question.

Critique of DeSantis’ Presidential Bid

Haley also took a critical stance against DeSantis’ presidential bid, highlighting the campaign’s substantial spending coupled with a decline in popularity. She questioned DeSantis’ ability to effectively manage or lead the country given these circumstances.

The 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Debate in Iowa

These statements were made during the latest debate of the 2024 Republican presidential primary that took place in Iowa. The debate occurred just days before the state’s highly anticipated caucuses.

Trump’s Dominance in Iowa Polls

Despite his absence from the debate, former President Donald Trump appears to be a frontrunner in the Iowa caucuses. The polls consistently show him leading among Iowa’s GOP voters with 52% support. Haley follows with 17% support, while DeSantis closely trails with 16%.

Christie’s Departure Adds Intrigue to New Hampshire Primary

The upcoming New Hampshire primary on January 23rd is expected to be a more closely contested race. The exit of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie from the GOP presidential race has added an element of intrigue. Christie did not meet the qualifications to participate in the Iowa debate.

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