Cornell University Takes Swift Action Against Antisemitic Threats

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Ensuring the Safety of the Community

Asserting the university’s commitment to safeguarding its students and staff, Pollack emphasized that threats of violence would not be tolerated. Cornell University will actively pursue legal action against those responsible for the disturbing content posted on the discussion board. “We will work to ensure that the person or people who posted them are punished to the full extent of the law,” Pollack stated resolutely.

Prompt Investigation Underway

Collaborating with the Cornell University Police Department, an investigation has been launched into this appalling incident. Additionally, the FBI has been notified, as this may be classified as a hate crime. Pollack stressed that the affiliated website was not associated with the esteemed educational institution situated in the picturesque town of Ithaca, located approximately 227 miles (365 kilometers) northwest of New York City.

A Firm Stand Against Antisemitism

Bringing attention to the detrimental impact of antisemitism and its harmful effects on members of the Jewish community and beyond, Pollack highlighted that Cornell University will never tolerate such prejudice on its campus. Recognizing the seriousness of the issue, she affirmed, “The virulence and destructiveness of antisemitism is real and deeply impacting our Jewish students, faculty and staff, as well as the entire Cornell community.”

Cornell University remains resolute in its determination to create a safe and inclusive environment for all, firmly committed to upholding principles of tolerance and respect.

Concerning Online Threats Shake Cornell’s Jewish Community

The ongoing Israel-Hamas war has brought about a wave of online threats that have left the Jewish community at Cornell University feeling deeply unsettled. These menacing posts, which emerged during the third week of the conflict in the Gaza Strip, have sparked widespread concern.

Taking swift action, New York Governor Kathy Hochul condemned these “disgusting & hateful posts” on X, formerly known as Twitter. Governor Hochul highlighted that this is just one amongst a series of distressing incidents transpiring on college campuses. Although it remains uncertain whether the threats hold any credibility, the New York State Police are proactively working to ensure the safety of students.

In response to these incidents, Governor Hochul reinforced her commitment to supporting the university leaders across the state, assuring them that law enforcement and the state government will continue their collaborative efforts to maintain a safe environment for students and campus communities.

Furthermore, Governor Hochul emphasized that while recognizing the importance of free speech and the right to peaceful assembly, acts of violence or any form of intimidation or harassment will not be tolerated.

Echoing these sentiments, New York Attorney General Letitia James also denounced the threats aimed at the Jewish community. She referred to such acts as “absolutely horrific” and stressed the necessity for campuses to serve as secure spaces for all students.

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