Apple’s Foray into the World of AI Chatbots

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Amidst the competition between tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet in the realm of artificial intelligence chatbots, Apple seems to have its sights set on entering the game as well.

According to a report by Bloomberg News, Apple has developed a chatbot service internally that has been informally named “Apple GPT” by engineers. This name is a playful reference to ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI, in which Microsoft is an investor.

The report reveals that Apple has established a framework for building large-language models, which it has utilized to create its chatbot. The company’s AI endeavor has become a significant undertaking, involving collaboration between multiple teams.

Apple has yet to comment on the chatbot.

Although Apple has not been as vocal as other players in the tech industry about its AI initiatives, it is not a newcomer to the field. The company already employs AI technology behind the scenes throughout its business operations and incorporates it into popular features like Siri, which relies on natural-language processing and facial recognition.

In comparison to Microsoft and Alphabet’s more prominent AI efforts, Apple has adopted a more reserved approach. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI and integrated its technology into its business, while Alphabet has showcased its own Bard AI chatbot and hinted at a new AI-driven search experience.

During Apple’s previous earnings call, the term “AI” was mentioned just four times, with half of those mentions originating from an analyst who sparked the discussion. In contrast, Alphabet’s earnings call featured 65 references to “AI” or “artificial intelligence,” while Microsoft’s had 53.

Apple’s venture into AI chatbots signifies its ongoing commitment to advancing technological innovation and exploring new possibilities in the AI landscape. While further details about Apple GPT are yet to be revealed, it is evident that Apple is poised to make its mark in this arena alongside its industry counterparts.

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